30 Mar

Good things ALWAYS come to good people because that’s how God designed it to be! If you simply do good, God will handle the rest. God cannot reward you for doing others wrong.

Annest Namata may claim and lie to everyone she knows and those who THINK they know her, that she is “Born Again”, “God-fearing”, but the TRUTH is she is NOT religious and she is NOT a good person and is not faithful. She is very far from that. God cannot forgive her for her conniving evil deeds that she has carried out so far in her life. I know just a fraction of what she is capable of doing and what she has done by using people but there must be worse that she has done and is capable of doing. She uses religion as a curtain to hide her sinister evil nature and character. I am here to tell the whole truth about her.

Annest Namata will pretend to love you ONLY for her love of money and material things she can get from or acquire out of being with you. In other words, she will  be your friend or close one in whatever context only when she can benefit from you. She will use you and discard you at any cost. That is what a cold callous Gold Digger she is.

I fell in love with her when she was down in the damps when no one gave a damn about her apart from those who wanted to use her. Today she is something as a result of me but I am the very person she is disrespecting and I am the person she chose to cheat on, use and steal from. I now understand why people who knew her could not help her at the time, all because they knew her evil, manipulative thieving character.

 She lied to me for years that I was her best friend for life, her Fiance, that she would be my wife, she promised she would be by my side through thick and thin, which she said to me on very many occasions in person and on phone and wrote as well. It was all lies because all she wanted to get was material acquisitions i.e. money, petty material things like land, houses, cars, etc,

Annest Namata is a thief and a promiscuous Gold Digger.

 When she got grip of her next victim and also started getting promises from men who claimed they would buy her cars, build her houses, buy her houses abroad, etc, she started sleeping with them for services and favours and getting some of those material things from those men like money, cheap stuff like men’s perfumes, shoes, etc.

She does not even think of her health. All she is after is money and material things in life so that she can show off how she is better than others. She likes to think and actually thinks she is better than anyone else. She has got to a point whereby she thinks she is in a higher class than everybody else. Delusional!

Class is not bought and acquisitions do not give you class. Annest you cannot come from that and think that after what you have proved you now have class. You cannot be a thief and have class. You cannot be promiscuous and have class.

She forgets that for us who know the truth, she has only lived in the so-called city kampala for a few years. Besides that she is very very far from acquiring any type of class social status. She does not realise that class is NOT acquired. You cannot buy class and neither can you have class because of what you have attained by the wrong means. She is deceitful, a thief and Gold Digger and yet she has the audacity to boast. It is all worthless villager bragging.

What she should know is that she cannot and should STOP thinking that she can be of any class to me after she has slept around behind my back and stolen from me. I have met and know the elite in this world and Annest Namata does not and will never compare to them. I never judged her before but she forced me to judge her by disrespecting me and despising my late mother. How a sensible person can do that yet she never met my late mother is unimaginable. That is done by uncouth immoral people like her who have no role models in their upbringing. It is not surprising because she grew up in different foster homes with no attention at all. That is why she creates her nonsensical drama.

I have travelled the world and I continue to travel the world. So you Annest Namata travelling to a handful of countries in Africa and travelling to China is a not a prelude to thinking that you have seen the world.  What would happen if she saw the Americas and Europe and or the rest of Asia? What would you think and how arrogant would you be if you had crossed the Chinese border and went to Macau? You Annest are a low life . Don’t dare compare yourself to me in any way or form. I have lived it all, seen it all and yet I am down to earth, I don’t blow my trumpet and I am not arrogant. There is no need for that. There are many other people who have travelled the world and do not boast about it either.

If I was not down to earth I would NOT have had a friendship and or relationship with you Annest to a point of proposing to you. I don’t have to show off about anything. There is nothing Annest has to show me and or teach me.  Absolutely nothing.

So Annest, seek help for your Narcissism and you will be a better person and have peace of mind and soul. Money and material things will not give you peace.


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