30 Mar

Annest Namata pretends to be a wonderful person but she is very evil. You have to live and work with her like I did to get to know what she really  is. She is the most vile evil person I’ve ever met in the world.

She moved out of my house while I was away stole some of my things and bribed security to let her in a day before I got back and said to me “there is something I wanted to do inside the house”. #Evil Witch. That explains why I found strange things in my house. She is an evil witch but tells people that she is Born again and very religious. So what is she doing with evil stuff? Disgusting to say the least.

She had promised to pay the bills with my money but she did not, but used my money on my account for her evil acts and sharing it with the boys she was having affairs with. When I got back she said “I didn’t pay the bills, why should I”. She had stolen tens of millions of shillings from my account and claimed she had used it for business. She had not invested in the Business because I instructed an Auditor to carry out an Audit and she kept avoiding him like a thief. She is a thief. She was deliberately doing heartless things to destroy me and my business as she does with everybody after she has been caught stealing and cheating/being promiscuous around town. She is a cheating Selfish evil bitch.

So in that respect, I have decided to present the whole truth about her from here on now.  She has been doing it all along even when I thought that she loved me, I put her first always but she was busy trying her best to destroy me and my image in all that she told her friends, work mates and family. But it does not matter, for those who know what I am. I cannot contend with an evil backward promiscuous Annest Namata.

images (9) For example, she was claiming she looks after me, pays my bills, pays for my flights, pays for my travel, etc all pure total lies. All the while she was telling these lies, I was taking care of her and paying all her bills since she was a mere fraction of what I was earning. What does she earn in comparison to what I earn. She cant even afford any of my bills. While I cared for her everything, she was busy passing it on that she was the one caring for me. While I provided everything, she was busy lying, claiming and being arrogant to her friends and Men that she is an independent woman. Evil ungrateful liar. She tells men that so that she can gain their trust with money so that she can con them and steal.

She will live to regret her foolishness and her choices to-date. There has to be consequences for those who betray you and continue hurting you. Sit and watch. God will take care of business and punish her for all her evil acts and pretence.

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2 responses to “EVIL WITCH

  1. prossy

    June 19, 2012 at 11:53

    Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!! how cruel?

    • patblogg

      June 19, 2012 at 11:56

      Yes Indeed. Everyone is wondering how she can be so cruel. I am here to put out the truth, nothing but the truth. I have nothing to hide because she has done these sort of things to so many other people but they chose to keep quiet.


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