30 Mar

 Would you tell a Total stranger that you have never seen and or talked to all about your family, love life, and work? How you buy your cars cash, about your fiance ie how you are going to steal money from him, etc. That’s exactly what Annest Namata does.
 Most people approached on the street would probably answer ‘NO’. But on the Internet, that’s exactly what millions of people are doing on social media and chat rooms.

Annest Namata is one of those who communicates very personal matters with people online that she does not know at all, has never seen or talked to but of course being very materialistic and money minded all the time, she continues to do that BUT denies it. The proof is there for all to bare. She does this while she is looking for men on the net that she can seduce and sleep with for money and material things. That is why on her Facebook page she always puts her status as Single.

Even when we were engaged to be married, she proclaiming herself and advertising herself as “Single“; “Interested in Men only“. She is very cheap and not worth my time.

If she is engaged, why would she be looking for men on the internet and around kampala town at every event she goes to. When asked/criticised for all the right reasons, she says “It is my body”. Yes Annest, it is your body so slut on. She may as well advertise her promiscuous services. She is disgustingly cheap.

You have to bare in mind no matter what she may be to you, all she is after is money for her narcissistic supply. Whoever you may be, you are just seen and considered by her as an object to be used. As a Narcissist, she has no true feelings. This doesn’t matter whether she comes across as a dedicated Christian or whatever else she may claim to you or her selected audience..

I was subject to all those lies of her being very christian, her claims to me that she is humble because of the environment she grew up in, claims she is “saved”, “born again”. But it is all a facade meant to blind you into believing that she is honest, genuine and trustworthy. Annest Namata is none of those at all. She is a con, thief and very promiscuous.

In addition to all this, she stole from me.

In her case it is worse, she goes to the point of instigating the first point of contact with a stranger she doesn’t know at all based on her materialistic tendencies and sends several photos, texts, emails, etc without being asked for them. What would inspire you to do that especially when you have everything and all the  genuine love that you would ever want? This is what she was doing while she was my fiancee, she had everything but she was still not satisfied. She is never satisfied with anything you give her or do for her and she will use you no matter what the circumstances are, no matter who you are.

So to all those she has fooled into trusting her still, you should use your common sense. Annest Namata is a promiscuous Gold Digger and a thief.

But due to her greed, nothing is ever enough. Nothing however much you give her, no matter what you give, she always wants more, more and more. Narcissistic Personality Disorder makes her very greedy for material things and money. She is always on the look out for Narcissistic supply, her next “victim” she can exploit, use and exploit. She is always on the look out for the next rich man to sleep with for money and material things.

She also thinks she is very intelligent and everybody else is stupid thus the thinking, she can never be found out or caught in the act(s). Those are the actions of a slutty gold digger who has got away with it for so long.

Nothing is more gratifying than having the facts despite her creating evil stories and trying to spread them to her “audience” as she did. So her selected can believe her foolish lies if they wish.

I do not have to argue and or justify anything, I have all the evidence to prove what kind of person she is. She was in my life for many years. So she can deny it all as much as she wishes but the truth is in the pudding.

Annest is very promiscuously flirtatious, frivolous and shallow constantly causing unnecessary social grotesque scandals in order to cause misunderstandings between people everywhere she goes and is. Everywhere she goes, she applies her selfish tendencies when she wants money and or material things, she tries her best to create misunderstandings in order to achieve her selfish goals and always want attention drawn to her. #Evil.

Those who don’t know her ways and think she is working in their best interests always believe what she telling them as opposed to anyone who would warn them about her. Only time then tells when they realise that she was there to use them, gain from them, cheat them and ultimately steal from them.

So to all those who still believe her word and still trust her, you have to realise that when people warn you about Annest Namata, they are warning you for a reason. So you better act before it is too late.

I am testimony to that and I learned the hard way. So take action and listen to my advice and warnings.

She is not even professional at all because she behaves the same way office environment as well. But she is quick to call herself corporate. IS that a corporate way of behaviour? She ought to refer herself as a Corporate slut.

This NOT Character Assassination. This is  Real Life Character Revelation.

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