29 Mar

 The definition of a female bully is a bitch. So do no get me wrong when I infer to the word bitch in this post.

 I ought to clarify here before I go any further that this Post is NOT meant to attack the opposite sex i.e. ladies/women. So I am not being sexist here. This is in specific reference to Annest Namata who constantly and without remorse exploits people and then bullies the people she has exploited e.g. by telling them “nothing can happen to her, etc and many other messages she sends or tells them. 

 Bullies typically attack you behind your back, trying to ruin your reputation with others. That’s their favorite tactic. More confrontational bullies will attack you openly, in your face.

 As with any bully, you cannot appease the bitch by turning the other cheek, being passive, letting it go, etc. Those passive behaviours show weakness, which attracts bullies to attack you more.

 There is no way to humour a bully for very long.

There will be no end to the attacks and bullying, until you stand up to the bully, or permanently leave. Though often they won’t let you leave until after you’ve stood up to them.

Since bitches are just female bullies, they are like any other bully who could be male. Once you realize that, you know who you’re dealing with. The bullying does not have to be physical. With Narcissists like Annest Namata, the bullying is mainly emotional e.g. she will give you a lot of silent treatment very frequently and she does not see anything wrong with it because she will deny it and or claim there was a problem with the mobile phone or network. Or she will say she didn’t have charge in the battery. She does that with all the men she is having affairs with. I have evidence of that. She then starts manipulating as she does everywhere she goes.

I had a LOT of respect and genuine love for Annest. Anybody who knows me knows that I had a lot of respect for her. I was raised by my mother and it was pure instinct for me to respect and adore her as a woman because I loved her BUT the moment she showed contempt for me yet I provided everything for her for what she is today and loved her so much and worst of all she showed total disrespect for my late mother, that was the biggest mistake she will ever make and she will realise that one day when it is too late that is IF she ever gets any morals.

Questions for you Annest: WHO loved you for who you are when no one gave a damn and didn’t give a shit about you  because you had nothing at the time? Who gave you everything when you had nothing and could not afford anything? Did I not tell you in 2007 that I will make the world recognise you and what you are worth and make everybody admire you when you were crying that no one has respect for you and acknowledges you? Didnt you Annest tell me people were disrespecting you because of your past history and I chose to love for you for you were despite your history and what ever you had done? Who gave you tips for success in the corporate work sphere? Did I not tell you that I will make you very beautiful in every way possible and people will admire you. I even told you at the time in 2007, I hope you dont use it against me after you have started getting admiration and use me  and you said in your exact words which text I have stating “I can never do anything bad to you after the love you have shown me”. What are you doing now Annest Namata?

You obviously took advantage of what I was doing for your own selfish ends. I know what you were asking me to do for you to put forward as ideas in the company you work for, you passed it on as your own ideas and could  not appreciate how I was getting out of my way to help you get acknowledged on the corporate ladder as well.

What goes around come back around like a hulahoop. It is only a matter of time.

So in this particular case, Annest bitches about other people and thinks people do not get to know what she is bitching about them.

In my particular case while I was busy loving her in the relationship, she was busy ruining my reputation and having affairs all over the place and telling people lies by elevating herself to a level she was not.

After the breakup of the relationship, she continued Bitching and I had to take a very tough stance for her to realise that I knew what she was doing all along behind my back and to show her that I have a been a gentleman all along.

But for now I will not be a gentleman at all to her. She does not deserve a gentleman. She has not been treated right all her life. So when you treat her right and with respect like I did, she takes you for granted and abuses your trust and well being. It is a stupid thing to do but that is what she thinks is correct.

So the best thing to do is to treat her with total contempt as well. I must say I will never ever respect her at all in any capacity. She is vile and evil and does not deserve any form of respect and admiration.

You may wonder why I state that. If you show her admiration, she translates it as her being the most beautiful person in the world which is very far from reality. She is NOT the most beautiful person I have seen or come across. She very far from that. Respect is not only about looks. It is about the beauty in someone’s heart and the character has to be beautiful too. If she is the most beautiful as she thinks, then why is she promiscuous? Why does she seduce men everywhere she goes and online?

If you respect her, she thinks she is the most important person in the world and abuses your respect and trust. So she is NOT worth respecting at all.

images (5) She bitches about everybody behind their backs and I mean everybody including bitching about her Boss, the owner of the company she works for, her siblings, her father, her friends, etc. How can you be employed by someone and think that you are better than them? But Annest does.. How can she pass herself off as the only perfect person in the world? She is the most awful person you can ever come across. She bitches about everybody like she is perfect when there is nothing perfect about her.

Surprisingly she thinks God looks at her with special treatment and therefore she thinks no matter what she does to people, she will be treated as special even by God. How sad.

Annest has said to me on several occasions, “I know whatever I do, God will forgive me and will always be by my side.”  Be by her side when she is immoral and doing people wrong?

So dear reader(s), please make up your mind what you think and get to know her better and I mean the real her if you have any interaction with her.

There is a God because every once in a while the shit hits the fan against the enemies of our souls and we are vindicated.

Most bullying situations in life don’t have a Hollywood ending, but every now and then, karma has a way of circling back and biting the bully in the a**, and to that —the bullied—cry “OO-YAH”!

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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