28 Mar

images (4) The title of this post are quoted words that Annest Namata tells anyone she is trying to seduce in order to get their trust. If she also wants you to trust her and steal from you, she will do the same. She goes further to claim that everybody trusts her. IT IS NOT TRUE. You cannot trust her. Yes, you may trust but after a period of grace she will cheat you and steal from you. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. I have been there done that and many others have been there and done that. All she has done is betrayed. Even now she is stealing from the people that have not heeded my advice.

 Annest Namata is the worst hypocrite and a pathological liar. Everything she does in not genuine at all. She acts to get peoples trust so that she can exploit you and steal from you.

 Hypocrisy is a lie, introducing or foraying  the wrong side of your personality, just to satisfy the requisites of an ideal person in the society, and to  gain respect from others, for the qualities that do not exist in your system; it is to preach something which we ourselves do not follow. For instance, if a person has no religious belief , but pretends to be a pious person, with some ulterior motive or just to impress upon people. 

As a hypocrite, Annest Namata uses religion as a curtain to blindfold, fool and lie people about her values and character. I knew this from day one when I met her but she continuously convinced me that she is different.

What is genuine about Annest who tells you something, makes promises and vows again and again verbally and in writing and does something else very evil every time? She always breaks her promises. She’s a CON and User.

What is genuine about Annest who vows to make you happy in your life and relationship and starts cheating on you the moment you turn your back? She is an evil promiscuous backstabber.

What is genuine about Annest Namata with whom you are supposed to work together as a couple for the success of your relationship, socially and financially but intentionally works hard to destroy you behind your back?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pretends to be what she is not?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pretends to be “God fearing”, religious, etc but all her motives, actions and practices are as evil as hell?

What is genuine about Annest, who will promise to deliver on something but will only go ahead IF only it benefits her and if she can make money out of it and she is not ashamed to admit.

What is genuine about Annest Namata who talks nasty about her friends, relatives whom she calls thieves, her colleagues but pretends to be wonderful around them and yet she is the thief?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pretends to be what she is not in order to get material things and money?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who pleases you, convinces you to trust her when she wants to get at your assets and money? The moment she gets your trust, she starts to steal from you all the while covering up.

What is genuine about a certified hypocrite like Annest Namata?

What is genuine about Annest Namata who is slutty in her behaviour?

The above are questions that ought to be asked about Annest Namata, the subject of this Blog because she is NOT genuine and honest at all as she continuously claims to be. She is the most evil, dishonest fraudulent person you can ever come across. I was unlucky to have a committed selfless relationship on my part with her.

A message for the evil deceitful Annest Namata:-

She is ridden with impatience and greed yet she is quick to criticise other women in Uganda of being greedy and impatient but she is the most greedy, a Con, ill conceited, materialistic, a thief and very arrogant.

So, never trust Annest Namata with anything and most of all your emotions and what you have worked hard for. DO SO AT YOUR GRAVE PERIL.

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