27 Mar


As earlier posted, Annest Namata is full of contradictions all throughout what she says and does. This Post is in relation to a Business dispute over money matters i.e. the company and money that she stole from me.  One of many that she has with several people. This is an ongoing issue that will be resolved one way or another and she will not dictate how it goes because she will answer for her theft in court.. She said she cannot go to court and nothing can happen to her because she is a promiscuous Gold Digger around kampala. She thinks sleeping around will save her from prosecution for being a thief. Watch!


The above Post title is her own words she wrote it to me as quoted. She stated she does not fear prison several times but when summoned by the Police Commissioner to the Police station offices , she got scared, claimed her Boss had asked her to go back to the office and later wanted the Police Commissioner to meet her privately outside the Police Station for coffee. Annest Namata is a promiscuous thief. Her actions during this incident confirmed it beyond reasonable doubt.

So if she did not do anything wrong why say she doesn’t fear Prison? Who said that she was going to be taken to Prison? Why did she want to meet the Police Commissioner in private?

Unless you have done wrong, you cannot pre-empt that you will be taken to prison. If no one has said you have done anything wrong, why would you talk about prison? Does it signify that she is guilty of stealing. Obviously she stole because I now have the evidence of her theft.

 Annest Namata’s evasive actions obviously show that she did something wrong otherwise she would be straight forward in everything she does instead of telling lies and continuously contradicting herself.

 The same goes to the second statement “I haven’t eaten any money”. I wonder how you can eat money. I suppose it is a direct translation from Runyankore to English. If you have not eaten any money, then provide clarification and a breakdown of your expenditure and withdrawals you made from an account that is not yours. An Auditor was assigned to audit the company and she did not want to cooperate. All she kept coming up with options to pay me for my Business in instalments like I was interested in her instalment payments. If she had cooperated and worked with the assigned Auditor in order to sort the dispute and clear the claims that she was making that she owns the company or about the unexplained monies, then we would understand.

The fact of the matter is money was stolen from my company and she was the only signatory to the account. Cheques were signed by her. Money was withdrawn by her in my absence hastily before I got there and she will pay it back whether she likes it or not. ANNEST NAMATA IS A THIEF AND HAS ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A THIEF. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF SHE CALLS HERSELF A MANAGER, EVENT MANAGER, ORGANISER. SHE IS STILL A THIEF.

For years Annest has been claiming to men that she is an independent woman, claiming she is a Business woman but was using my money without my permission in essence stealing my money and when asked to account for money that was not on the account she would be evasive. When I insisted on the accountability, she would borrow money and deposit it on the account and then do the accountability. What a thief she is. She was boasting with the cars that I bought and what  I bought her. All she needed to do was appreciate what was being done for her. Even now as I speak IF she gets another car it will NOT be her who purchased it. She will use another man until he realises that Annest Namata is a promiscuous Gold Digger. She has affairs with several men for money and material things. She loves money over anything else.

IF any of those men are lucky enough and read my Blog and use their common sense and not their emotions, they will know the truth and make a decision that will serve their purpose in life. She does cheat women friends of their money too. This is not restricted to men only.

Annest Namata is a serial cheat in any aspect of life. I hope one day she changes her ways. It will take a lot for that to happen. Character is a very difficult thing to change at her age which she lies about. The way I see it now, with her arrogance continuing, her lies going on e.g. lying or using religion as a curtain to mask her ways, she will continue doing this for many years to come.

For those who are wise enough to use your common sense, listen to the advise that has been given and do the right thing. Simply do not trust Annest with anything or do anything with her. Very many people have money issues with her. She uses men for money and material things. How cheap can one make herself.

Her saga continues…  Ensure you read the Blog Post “Annest Namata the Gold Digger” to get more facts about her thieving schemes.

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