27 Mar

As you can realise from the heading of this post, she attributes everything good to herself and everything bad to others. That’s a true reflection of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I bought all the house furnishings but she claims she bought everything and made my house beautiful. In fact, I have thrown and burned all the cheaply made low-class products she bought and claims they beautified the house. In my view they did not beautify the house at all. In her world they do. What do you expect of a villager?

Contrary to what she thinks, she is the one who thinks she knows it all, has it all and is very clever and the truth is none of that is true about her at all.

The cheap things she bought very expensively wasting my money are all very cheap and have been thrown out and burned. They were very low-class products like the plastic furniture which I could not stand at all right from the time she bought them and thought that I would be amazed and pleased at her choice. I was amazed at how she could waste money on junk that she thought was classy and worthwhile. It does not surprise me that what is heavenly looking to her is cheap stuff. All she goes on saying is “It is nice”. The moment she says that, you know it is junk or she is trying to attract a man’s attention.

She ought to tell the public and her audience how she vacated my house, stole some of my stuff and would have stolen more if the security had not prevented her from going in again. But she was quick to say other people had stolen them yet the house was not broken into and she had both keys to the house. How come they never stole whenever she was not around?

In addition to that she packed “her” stuff plus mine without my permission in my car when she was leaving, took it and claimed the car belonged to her and has now gone on to sell it but claims it had broken down and could not be fixed. She is a pathological liar and a cheat and she sleeps around for money and material things. In essence she is a thief and a promiscuous Gold Digger, because she stole from me.

Arched mirror for Annest- She doesnt deserve it at all Annest if you left to go to other men, you should have asked those men to buy you a car rather than steal mine and you dare disrespect me by giving it to different men to drive. Anyway, I’ve since learned that they were several men, how vile and cheap you are. In this day and age, you can do that? I was told by several people and I saw several men driving my car. Annest Namata you are the most disgusting cheap evil scum.

She always constantly talked about “side dishes” in Uganda yet she was actively practising the “side dish” policy meeting men in hotels, lodges, private houses and apartments, going with them on trips How cheap she is. She is disgusting and evil. I could have got sick of STD’s, STIs and Aids because of her cheapness selling her body everywhere she goes. No wonder she got STD and was not ashamed to flank the STD creme around the house. Thank God I didn’t get it.

Go on Annest, beautify their houses after having promiscuous affairs with them. After all you were stealing stuff from my house and taking to their houses. Good riddance. I don’t need you in my life ever.

NOTE: This is NOT character assassination. This is real life character revelation.

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  1. Agatha Atwine

    August 31, 2013 at 03:12

    Pat, let her go with her cheap villager manners. What kind of home did she grow up in to boast and be arrogant.
    You should not have allowed her into your life at all. This is proves that where you grow up and the way you are raised matter so much. She pretends to be classy but you can still tell her village manners. She is more ghetto than I thought.


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