27 Mar

It is by natural instinct that women in general have more patience and a devoted commitment into maintaining love, friendships and Bond BUT not this woman Annest Namata. Her immoral upbringing and her total lack of empathy do not allow her to have these attributes.

Annest Namata has a disgusting attitude and terrible ill mannerisms of blaming the other person for her behaviour and deceit. She blames everybody else for the wrong that she does. She makes out she is so wonderful, perfect, does not do anything wrong. She also thinks she is always right and the other person is wrong when clearly it is not the case. All clear cases of narcissism.

She makes sure the person is to blame when she (Annest) has done all wrong and when having arguments and disagreements. This leads to her thinking that other people are incapable of changing into better people all because she cannot change for the better no matter what. She does not even have the empathy to say sorry when she is wrong and if at all she does, it is not genuine because shortly after, she will do the very same thing intentionally. She does this to everyone.

The people who don’t acknowledge what she is doing and do something about it are the very people who encourage her arrogance and habitual disgusting conceited mannerisms.

NOTE: She will pretend and do anything for you when she wants to get something from you or when she wants to get something through you. After she has achieved it and stolen/cheated you, she will discard you like she never knew you. SHE IS A promiscuous GOLD DIGGER.


Over-emphasized reaction is a negative component and it definitely ensures the end of what would be a good relationship with her due to her foolish slutty ways. She begins to bark and talk at a person in the relationship instead of talking to the person. I could not take that nonsense from her.

She has an assumption of guilt in the relationship which clearly spells doom. Her assumption of doom/guilt makes her think that the partner has a hidden and bad motive for every action he performs. If he wants to do something, to her it is for someone else’s interest.

She always has regard for every friend or relation I had as an accomplice for all the bad and negative things which is not true at all.

Annest cannot make the necessary changes and adjustments all because she is very immoral, money minded and materialistic. Money is the most important thing in her life to a point that she uses Bible verses to talk about money. By doing do so she thinks she can justify cheating people, using people and stealing from people.

The Blaming of others for all the wrong she does makes her inept and disgusting to do anything with regardless of what it is. Initially in the relationship she will pretend and you will not notice this character traits at all until she has started ripping you off and thinking that you cannot do without her, then she starts exposing her disgusting immoral manners and sheer worthless arrogance. She will even go to the extent of constantly asking you to trust her and give her money to keep for you. She will then create a story and steal it. She did that to me in the very early stages of the relationship and framed someone else.

I have met and worked with people of many cultures and backgrounds around the world but I have never and I know I will never meet anything like Annest Namata. She is the most cruel, selfish, vile disgusting human being I have ever known and unfortunately she was my fiancee.

Surprisingly when you react to her vile village mannerisms, she thinks you are a bad person and does everything she can make out you are the bad person.

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