26 Mar

The title of this Blog is the claim Annest makes to all those who know very little about her but think they know a lot. What business does she know? What is her business success story apart from ripping off and stealing from people? She has burned so many bridges over money issues. She loves money more than anything else.

After a relationship breakup, Annest continuously says that the ex-boyfriend cannot make it in life because they depended on her to make it a success in business and in life. The above “Me I know Business” is what she always says. She does NOT have any business success story to show but talks the talk she cannot walk but only cons people into trusting her. She then pounces and starts cheating and then steals a bulk of the money. That is what she did to me and she will answer for it in Court. There is no way she will riggle her out of this.

I am here to make it clear, why would she say that. First of all, she steals from the business during her time with you, secondly by the time she has started having affairs and is planning to leave the relationship, she destroys the business so that people can think the business was her business as her lies dictate, and so that she can destroy you. It then appears like she was the reason why it was successful when actually the business is going down because of her plunder of the company resources.

So she tells people how she knows business when she does not know business at all. She is better off running a stall down the Uganda Taxi Park Mukwano arcade where she worked before. Even that Stall failed because of her greed. She must have stolen money from there as well. The one she was running failed anyway because of thieving ways.

To give credit where credit is due, when she in her right state of mind, she works hard but that does not compensate for her greed, cheating, thieving,  utter selfishness and immoral behaviour.

What is her commercial success story? What is her business success story? NONE at all. Right now I know she started a business copying my original business which I taught her but she refused to give back control of my business because her intention is to take my customers so that her business can be a success and mine dies down. That is how evil she is. She will answer for that. No doubt about it.

She is currently trying her best to destroy my business but she will be accountable for all of her actions in one way or another under the law. She told a number of people a number of times that she will destroy my business. I have the evidence to prove that is what she said she would do and she will not get away scotch free by stealing.

Her mannerism and actions will be documented and exposed to the world. All she needed to do was to be honest, civil and genuine about everything. If she wanted to be loose and have affairs left right and centre, she should have got out of my life and gone on to do that instead of wasting my time, emotions and money. But obviously she is a user and an evil opportunist. Then she has the audacity to turn around and make up stories about me and why she is breaking up with me. She is the greatest liar you can ever come across.

If you Annest know business, then get your own idea and start as a Business instead of stealing other peoples ideas and then claiming you know business. For all your vile behaviours, you will not hold onto what you are obtaining the wrong way. The law of the universe does not support cheats and thieves in the long ran.

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