26 Mar

Is there anything like a “Hot Meeting”? What is the definition of a Hot meeting?

Having/attending a meeting is something she makes a big deal of. She seems to think that attending meetings is acknowledgement or is a mark of great importance. To her it is a mark of great importance in the world. May be her world. That shows where she is coming from and her past.

Annest seems to think that attending meeting is associated with importance thus the delusions of grandeur. So despite knowing that I attend International meetings at a whole different level, she continues to think she is very important due to the low level meetings she attends.

These are all signs of delusions of grandeur thus the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Her background she grew up in as well defines her way of thinking. Any meeting can be regarded as a “hot meeting”. Annest makes out she is attending very important meetings.

I am here to tell her, meetings do not define your position in society and they are not a mark of importance. One can be very successful and important without having to attend meetings in person or at all.

So Annest stop giving everyone the impression you are so busy attending meetings and thereby thinking you are very important. Her level of management is of no importance as she makes it out to be.

I have attended lots of meetings and continue to attend meetings at an international level far much more important than she will ever attend. However, face to face meetings are a thing of the past. There are Conference call meetings(of the past), Webinars, Podcasts, etc but for her of course it is a different case.

But due to her Ghetto backward thinking, she is convinced that attending meetings or giving it as an excuse of being very busy is a great achievement and marks great importance. BUT the question is what substantial contribution does she make in those meetings? Absolutely Zilch. All she does is ask for money, a company car, etc. Is that of importance to a company.

I have attended a Business Investment meeting with her and she made only one sentence which was a general comment that was not worth making. I have also been told what she does in meetings and the best she could do is take minutes but the grammar and spellings would be extremely bad.

I think in the meetings she makes out she claims she is attending everyday, she contributes nothing of relevance but makes out she is very important thus the delusions of grandeur I mentioned earlier on in the Blog.

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