26 Mar

In a good relationship, working as a partnership is the ideal and right things to do. So you would think. Setting up a Business should be a natural occurrence in a couple’s relationship that is leading/progressing on to success for the better of the family. So was I wrong by trying to do anything constructive, inclusive and future proof with Annest Namata?  I should have taken note that she is a thief, User and a Gold Digger. Her motive all throughout the relationship was to con me and eventually steal from me. That is what she has done in all her past relationships – STEAL and Cheat. That’s why she sleeps around for money and material things. She is extremely money hungry and will do anything to steal your money. She is an evil Gold Digger.

You SHOULD NOT give her any shares in anything you own. All she is intending to do is steal from you after she has ran to another man and MONEYHUNGRY3she will claim that she owns half of it. She will CLAIM she contributed when she didn’t contribute anything. That is what she is claiming that she owns half of CorporateShield Limited. She NEVER contributed any capital for the startup of the company apart from working to get small business but that was even as a result of me teaching her what to do and giving her the leads as to what to do. She is a conceited THIEF.

I gave her the initiative to start and she didnt know what to do. She rang me and asked “What do I do? How do I start? Now she is busy boasting how she started the business. She takes credit for other peoples successes.

BUSINESS THEFT PREVENTIONShe was spending 500,000 shillings a month of my money as petty cash yet in her full time job at the time she was earning 1.1 million shillings. Never the less, she had the audacity to complain that it is not enough as petty cash. She is an evil gold digger. She stole a lot of money from my business and has started a company called APPO Ltd. I am well aware of all she has done and she will answer in court for all her thefts. She is more concerned about herself and will do anything to embezzle your money and or steal from you after convincing you that you can trust her, claiming and convincing you that she will never do anything wrong because she is a “Christian/Saved/Born Again”. That is all lies. Annest Namata is a PROMISCUOUS Con and thief. DO NOT make a mistake and fall victim to her deceit and pretentious lies.

As her Fiance (engaged to be married) at the time, she asked me to help her because she wanted to start a DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUbusiness of some sort. I gave her money and she started several businesses which failed due to her greed and excessive love of money. I did not realise that at the time because she gave all sorts of excuses whilst she was sleeping around with different men behind my back. However, I noticed that she did not have any business acumen and organisation, knowledge and etiquette despite claiming so and having great delusions of grandeur.

Money in a BibleMy first exposure to her thieving ways was that she stole my personal money. I gave her money to keep for me and she framed a security guard as having stolen it. I asked her how he knew where she kept the money and she went as far as claim he knew where she kept the money because he used to go into the house quietly to see her naked. It was just a cheap stupid story that Annest Namata created. If she knew that he would go in the house see her naked then why was she being naked in front of him? But it further enlightened me about her immoral promiscuous cheap antics and thieving ways. She stole the money despite keeping it in a bible. So you can imagine what kind of character she is.

images (33)She talks the talk but she cannot walk the walk. So don’t fall for her supposed pretentious charm unless you don’t have any moral principles. She will use her immoral sexuality like her slutty walk in any way to con you. So unless you are naive or not principled, you will fall prey to her Gold digging intentions and ways.

Initially she did not have a job and had been searching for a job for two years with no success. I came into her life and sought to change that by enabling her to start a business. I decided to start a company and signed a partnership with Annest Namata thinking I was doing it for the good of both of us as a family. I gave her shares in the company as my Fiancee. Little did I know that I was signing an agreement with a thieving, deceitful, dishonest evil person not worth entrusting with anything.11794122-word-on-keyboard-made-in-3d advice2

Whatever you do, I advise you, DO NOT go into any kind of Business Partnership and or business liaison with Annest Namata the thief. DO NOT even think of signing at 50-50 Partnership split and or any other kind of partnership as she will want to do. She will not contribute anything to the partnership financially BUT will try very much to convince you that she is very trustworthy and will work very hard to make any business a success. She claims she knows business. These are her claims and lies Annest Namata has used with every man she has conned time and time again and had an affair with all for the love of money. She now says and writes on her FB page that she is older and wiser. In other words, she will con anyone in a better way now. Thief! DON'T CHANGE YOUR HOUSE OR LAND INTO ANNEST NAMATA'S NAMES! PROTECT IT.

She is a thief. She draws examples and talks of her past and recent relationships and claims she was mistreated that’s why she left the relationship but the business was successful because of her. It’s all lies. Annest is NOT responsible for the success of any business. She is responsible for the failure of every business she has been involved in because she steals money. She steals from the businesses. She will claim she wants to invest half in order to have a 50% share by registering the company in 50% of her shares. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT CON. I WAS A VICTIM OF HER CONNING IN THE RELATIONSHIP. I thought I was doing it for someone who was genuine and honest. Not at all. She is a Gold Digger and thief.

DO NOT BELIEVE HER LIES AND DECEIT. They are all made up lies. Nothing but lies. She told me the same thing and acted sad BUT it was all lies and make belief of a con. All she wants is to encourage you to start, act like she is going to do everything to make it work but all she will be after is to steal your money. NEVER EVER SIGN A 50:50 % PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH ANNEST NAMATA or have any kind of Business partnership or liaison with her. Why should you sign an agreement with a thief and Gold Digger anyway. When you are in any kind of relationship, she is more interested in money. She is simply a manipulating Gold Digger. DO NOT register land in her names or transfer it into her names, DO NOT give her land and or property to take care of. She uses them to borrow money from scrupulous money lenders. Her intention will be to get enough money and get you in financial trouble. She is too corrupt, conceited and selfish to care about you whoever you may be. Annest Namata Money minded 

I advise you not to get into any kind of Partnership/Business liaison with her whatever the case may be. DO NOT TRUST HER WITH ANY MONEY OR ANYTHING OF VALUE. LOCK UP YOUR MONEY, VALUABLES, CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS IN HER PRESENCE. I WAS A VICTIM  OF HER THEFTS YET WE WERE ENGAGED. DO NOT AND NEVER EVER TRUST ANNEST NAMATA. The bottom line is DO NOT get into any form of Business Agreement with Annest Namata at all. All she will be after is ripping you off after she has sized up your trust. She has no empathy and is extremely selfish, self-centred plus she has no morals and  she is NOT professional at all. PROTECT YOUR CREDIT CARDSDO NOT do any kind of business with her and do not trust her with money, credit and or debit cards and anything else of value.

Do not give her any of your Bank cards. She will take advantage and steal your money. I gave her a Bank card to help her for a short period of time but she stole money to the very end after she had ran to the men she was having affairs with. I was warned very many times by many people she had worked with and done small deals with and people who knew her better than I did but I did not listen. At the time I chose to listen to Annest Namata’s lies that she was different, honest religious, etc. It is the biggest mistake I have ever made. So listen to my advice if you do not want dire grave disappointments. I was warned against her when I had just got into a relationship with her. I didn’t listen and everything I was warned about, she did them and worse. I didn’t expect her to steal money from me when I was engaged to marry her and having done so much for her and changed her life but she did.I didn’t think she would cheat on me with several men and boast about it to a point of writing boasting that she cheated on me.

She is so disgustingly arrogant to a point that she wrote to me rudely stating she cheated on me because she wants to sleep around. She is a thief, evil and a con to the core.She can rot in hell with her filthy manners. 02b0718 I have NOT met or heard anyone who trusts Annest Namata with anything especially money or anything of value. If there is anyone, they do not know her well and she will rip them off and or she is stealing from them right now without them realising it. By the time they realise it, she will have stolen or exaggerated/inflated prices of what they are asking her to buy for them or anything they are entrusting her to do. They will be at a very great loss. I know some have read this Blog and are still  disregarding the Blog by listening to the lies she has told them about. They will regret gravely for not listening to the advice here. I regret not listening to her ex-boyfriend who warned me about her. ANNEST NAMATA'S LOVE OF MONEY Recently, I was told by a Business Associate who was a Service provider in my business that he did not want to work with me if Annest Namata was involved. Annest Namata had lied to him that we were married. So he thought she was my wife. For anything to do with money, she had lied to people in town that we were married. It shows you that she will do anything for the love of money.

Everywhere I went to do business, people doubted her and I had to convince them to trust her. I was wrong and they were right. Annest Namata is a certified thief. She had been very arrogant and disrespected a business provider and partner in my absence, she was not paying him. Despite him sending people to her office, she would tell them she is busy and not pay them. I then realised why all along the time we were doing business with him he was being a difficult service provider. She was busy stealing my money. However, as usual, she had messed his reputation to me by lying to me that he is arrogant and a bad person. In reality, she wanted to spoil his reputation so that she can get away with her theft in the company.Cheated - Copy Prior to that, a one time Business Associate rang me to warn me against being and working with Annest and doing anything with her. His exact words were “you are losing out, you could do better, you are getting a raw deal,She’s not the right person to work with and to do anything with or to have a relationship with”.  I think that speaks volumes. She knew him and they had known each other for quite some time because they had done some little business together and he knows her socially. He was the first person to tell me how promiscuous Annest Namata is. Her response to what I was warned about was “he is lying”, “he’s jealous of us”, “do you believe him?”.

So she will always deny her rotten mannerisms. LTUAnnest Namata has NO business success story to tell anyone. ABSOLUTELY NONE. All she tells is lies, lies nothing but lies. Her whole being is to exploit you at a later stage after gaining your trust. It does not matter who you are, she will  exploit and steal from you. I gave her a lot of money to start all types of businesses with good intentions because I loved her and because I wanted the best for her, there is no show to what happened to the money because she is a Gold Digging promiscuous thief.

take note

She will take her time to win your trust and loyalty but eventually after she has won your trust, she will use you, steal from you and con you and move on to her next victim. She uses perceived love, mixes it with her lies of being religious as a ploy to con you long term. She also sleeps around for money and material things. I have the evidence to prove all this. I am warning you the reader so that you do not fall into the same predicament as so many of us have fallen into. I am NOT warning you and advising you because I am not in a relationship with her any more as she wouldPROTECT YOUR LAPTOP conveniently tell you if she knew you or if you are in a relationship with her but so that she can STOP conning people and to warn any one who will fall prey to her evil deceitful ways. She is NOT religious, God fearing, a believer, genuine and honest as she may lead you and anyone else to believe. She uses religion as a cover for her deceitful ways and she has always done so

She is not a person you can trust at all irrespective of what she tells you. She even stole my laptop and dongle and claimed money from the company she works for. How petty is that! So don’t trust her with anything. I’ll repeat, she is a thief.  I was her partner and Fiance for four and a half years but I still fell victim to Annest Namata’s thieving deceitful ways near to the time we nearly got married. She has done the same thing to others before me. So take heed and listen to my advice regardless of who you are and what kind of relationship you have with her whether it is personal and or professional or an employer. All she is after is money and material things. That’s why she is very promiscuous.

She entangles you in a deceitful relationship, fools you into marrying her and wanting your child as long as she is getting all material things and money, gets engaged to you. Near to the point you are about to be married, her sleeping around gets worse, then she rans off to another man after you’ve kicked her out. As she leaves she steals from you. 

COURT NEWSI am suing Annest Namata for Theft, Fraud and other cases to do with my company and stolen money. She has already been called by the Police to explain herself and she lied to the Police Commissioner. She denies stealing my money and destroying my company yet I have all the proof that she stole on a massive scale. She tried scaring and threatening me that things will happen to me if I continue telling people that she is a thief, that she will win in court and I have to pay her. Have to pay her for stealing from me? How can you pay a thief who steals from you? She also tried scaring and threatening me saying that things will happen to me, she disguised herself and wrote to me saying she is not sure about my security, etc. Let her try her lack stealing from other people and scaring them, not me. She is very delusional and evil but she has the guts to claim that she is “saved”/”Born Again”. GREEDY LYING ANNEST NAMATASUING THE EVIL  POLICE 


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  1. Kenneth Mwavu

    May 15, 2013 at 14:51

    She is a typical kampala Gold Digger

  2. Senga

    May 13, 2013 at 14:43

    I have done some ka small deal with her. I have never seen a person so greedy for money like her.
    Your advice is so right. I can never work with her again. I think she can kill for money.

  3. Charles Muhigirwa

    December 28, 2012 at 17:29

    Hey this is a very scary and revealing article, Patrick. Where does she work from and how do you think she lures her victims with? I am not surprised because the ladies of these days have become more con and thieves than men. Give more details please on what she claims does in business and from where?

    • patblogg

      December 29, 2012 at 11:19

      Hello Charles, Thanks for your comment. I would not refer to her as a lady.SHE IS A “CALL GIRL” AROUND KAMPALA AND ONLINE. She lures her victims by seducing them when she knows she wants material things and money from them. She makes them believe she is honest and genuine. That’s what she did to me only that I met through family whom she had lied to. She made me believe she is “Born Again”, honest, genuine. HER LOOKS ARE VERY DECEIVING AND DECEPTIVE. Please read the rest of the Blog to understand. If you have any more queries, please comment or ask. I reveal all here nothing but the truth will be revealed. I have met all sorts of people in my life in my travels but I have never met a remorseless con thief like Annest Namata.

  4. patblogg

    May 26, 2012 at 15:10


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