24 Mar

Annest Namata thinks she knows it all & now exhibits worthless arrogance and exploits people by pretending to be what she’s not, pretends to be religious and genuine. She has a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” (NPD) and she uses people for her Narcissistic supply for her own selfish materialistic ends. That’s why she always talks about money and material things.

Once she gets her victim under the guise of love, she creates stories about how she has suffered in her life, how she worked hard as a child, how she paid her tuition fees, how she has worked hard to get her current job, how she has worked hard to get what she has now which she thinks is a lot. It is all lies in order to make the current lover (Victim) believe that she is honest, hard-working and worth having as a girlfriend or worth having as a business partner and worth having as an employee.

Everything about her is about “me, me, me“. That is how selfish she is. I bought cars and registered them in her names for both of us to use but all she would say even to me “My car…” “My this and that…”. She is evil and selfish.

Beware what she tells people is VERY far from the truth. Annest is a habitual pathological liar. I was fooled into believing her and yet it was all lies and I found out after she had conned and stolen from me.

I am writing this Blog to warn you all. Beware of what she is and what she will do. The pattern of what she does is the same all over. Narcissists in general behave the way she does. There is nothing genuine about Annest Namata and she will never change even if she lies to you that she is religious or Born Again. Today she claims she has changed BUT that is exactly what she said to me when I met her. Maybe she has changed by becoming a full time promiscuous woman.

I am here to tell you, she is full of Drama, LIES, LIES, LIES, DECEIT. She is a CON (referred to as a smart thief in Uganda), a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and a GOLD DIGGER.

Annest is an adrenaline drama junkie, her world is a whirlwind of comings and goings, reunions and separations, loves and hates, vocations adopted and discarded, various schemes erected and dismantled, enemies turned friends and many friends turned enemies as a result of her burning bridges. Her Universe is equally an ugly venomous theatre, but a more ferocious and chaotic evil theatre. 

The fact of the matter, she used an ex boyfriend who paid her tuition fees throughout her University course years at Makerere University. But she lies that she worked and paid the tuition fees. She lied to me that she paid her tuition fees throughout her school time and she lies to everybody who gives her an audience. She does this in order to get your loyalty and believe that she is honest, genuine and hard-working.

I was in a relationship with her for 4 years plus, and I can guarantee you that she is a CON. So be beware whoever is falling or has fallen victim to her lies and deceit in whichever capacity.

Listen to my advice. If you don’t listen to my advice, you will live to regret your choices. She has a trail of people she has hurt and cheated, used because of her selfish egotistic lifestyle and Narcissism.

 Again, I will notify you, I was warned but I did not listen because I suppose I was in love BUT I advise you to listen to this advice and get out of any arrangement and or relationship with this devious selfish character called Annest Namata with immediate effect.

 IF you are in any kind of business partnership and or “friend” arrangement with Annest, get out now. That business will fail one way or another because she will cheat and steal eventually.. So do not waste time and money in the business or do not invest in any of her business ideas. They are her business ideas so that she can reap you off. She will try to convince you that she is honest and how she can be trusted. Top of that she will tell you lies about how many successful businesses she has had. It is all nothing but lies.

 Do not fall for her seduction trysts either unless you are ready to share her with several other men.


You have been advised. I was advised about her at the start of our relationship by her ex-boyfriend/fiance. I never listened and she did all that I was warned about and worse and justified doing it. She is lying cheat and thief.

The only way you can have an amicable understanding, working relationship or relationship with Annest is if she accepts her faults and condition and seeks help for her psychotic mannerisms and behaviour. She admits what her problems are. She turns round and says other people have problems with her.

I sought to help by going with her for therapy but she would not do it. I gave her everything but she was never satisfied but she chose to exploit me and it is the worst exploiting experience I have ever had. But a court case is in process.

The commodification of everything does not equal progress. Annest commodifies everything for her love of money and material things over anything else. She loves money and material things more than she can ever love anyone. That’s why she is constantly sleeping around for money.

ANNEST NAMATA WILL NEVER BE LOYAL AND HONEST TO ANYONE IN ANY RELATIONSHIP. She is very materialistic and sleeps around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. She is a materialistic prostitute.

One reaches full potential when their entire being is beneficial to the world. Annest will not be beneficial but a great liability to your world whoever you may be if you allow her into your life or have allowed her into your life.

Narcissists like Annest “love” their spouses or significant others as long as they continue to reliably provide them with Narcissistic Supply and as long as you don’t discover her promiscuity.. Inevitably, she regards others as mere “sources”, objects, or functions. Lacking empathy and emotional maturity, the Annest’s love  is pathological.  So why should you have any kind or relationship or friendship with her? Her love/friendship is not real. It is based on her exploiting everybody.(Material and money provision based love) – #Gold Digger.

Where is the love in all this? Where is the commitment to the loved one’s welfare, the discipline, the extension of one’s self to incorporate the beloved, the mutual growth? Nowhere to be seen.

Annest’s narcissistic “love” is hate and fear disguised fear of losing control and hatred of the very people her precariously balanced personality so depends on. This is why despite being her Fiancee, she still used and exploited me. The narcissist like her is egotistically committed only to her own well-being. To her, the objects of her “love” are inter-changeable and inferior.

She initially idealizes her nearest and dearest not because she is smitten by emotion, but because she needs to captivate them and to convince herself that they are worthy Sources of Supply for money and material things, despite their flaws and mediocrity. Once she deems them useless in her view due to the capture of a new victim of her narcissistic supply – money and material things, she will discard and devalue you similarly cold-bloodedly. She is a predator, always on the lookout, she debases the coin of “love” as she corrupts everything else in herself and around her.

Narcissists like Annest do not love you. They love the way you preserve their narcissistic image and supply. Her image is about I have this car even if she has not bought it, I have better clothes, I have better shoes, my house is beautiful and have more expensive things, yet she doesn’t pay the rent or has not built the house, I am beautiful, etc. very cheap antics and mannerisms. That’s her Gold Digging mentality.

The fact is, narcissists like her would have no power over others if people didn’t give it to them. Sadly, others unwittingly and unknowingly give the narcissists power over them to the degree that they lack true self-esteem.

Annest Namata takes whatever others have to offer her to gratify her thieving delusional ego and leaves them Annest Namata the deceitful thief picture photoshopped 2007high and dry. She did it to all Ex boyfriends. The only difference is I was able to realise what she is before it went too far. She was persistently pushing me for a family i.e. children and to be my wife so that she can have a share of everything I have. She went to the point of telling me to put my properties in her names even before we are married. My question always was “Why not put them in both our names?” She couldn’t answer that and neither could she look me in the eye. Here is the picture that was photoshopped in 2007 that she uses to con people. DON’t expect to see her look like this in person. Get real.

Annest Namata is a Materialistic Promiscuous Gold Digger and a THIEF.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is TRUE Real Life Character Revelation.

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  4. Janet Nkurukenzire

    August 18, 2013 at 08:18

    What were you doing with Namata. OMG! Everyone who knows her, knows what kind of person she is. She falls out with everyone over money. We girls know her and we don’t do anything with her as long as it is do with money. We do not trust her.
    Sorry bambi.


    April 10, 2012 at 06:01

    I fear I have an alike problem with the person I love. I need support. If I leave her, she needs to be helped, yet I do not wish to leave her nevertheless. I am not going to leave the person I love without helping her. The symptoms are synonymous in your case and mine, but I will not rest unless I can help this person. Please advise me.

    • patblogg

      April 10, 2012 at 10:25

      My ADVICE to you is very SIMPLE. LEAVE her (your wife or fiancee/ girlfriend) as soon as possible. I knew my Ex Fiancee had a problem and tried very very hard to resolve the problem and even suggested we go to a Therapist BUT as long as she cannot accept that it is her problem, then it will not be solved. If someone is a Narcissist they can only be helped and the problem solved IF they seek help. I loved Annest so much and she was my best friend, but her Narcissism got worse and she became more materialistic, cheated on me with several men and when I found out she became enraged because I had found out and confronted her. I am still fighting her over my property and business. So leave her now before it becomes more complicated UNLESS she cooperates and seeks help. She can get help and you will have a very good relationship BUT only if she is willing to work with you with medical help. Let me know how you get on.


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