24 Mar

I was appalled and surprised when Annest Namata once said to me “I want to be famous” and she repeated it several times. I asked her ” why do you want to be famous”? “What has prompted that”? Her answer was “I want to be famous like the Kardashians”, “They are famous and rich”. She then said that she has changed from what she told me at the start of the relationship..

She implied she wanted to be famous and rich by any means of which she had been doing all along i.e. being promiscuous for her love of money and material things. She was doing anything to get any man who famous, of influence so that she can be famous and rich.

How sad!.  “To dream of the person you would like to be, is to waste the person that you are!”(Tim Menchen)

The Kardashians are miles away from her life and lifestyle. She should not be comparing herself to the Kardashians because they are in a different league and class. Her class and world cannot be compared to the Kardashians at all. So she can dream on. There is so much to be achieved first before she can compare herself to the Kardashians. This is an example of her delusions of grandeur.

But I guess, she is after material products similar to what they have. So as stated before, she will do anything to get money and material things in her possessions. She loves money more than life itself and puts the acquisition of money before peoples lives. She will put anything at stake to get at money however little it is. Everything she does, has to have a connotation of how much money she will get out of it at the end. Even normal personal relationships to her depend on how she is going to gain from that relationship.

Remember she has NO empathy as a Narcissist. That goes to explain why she has no morals and manners. That is partly due to her upbringing as a result of her growing up in different foster homes with no sense of structure and whatever else that she was subjected to during her upbringing. That is not to say that it is an excuse for her immoral behaviour. If she wanted to have the moral high ground, she could achieve it and be a good person. But she chooses to live a negative evil life, bragging, being obnoxious and arrogant plus worst of all cheating people at any given opportunity.

She will not get away with treating people like they are nothing and think everyone will accept it as is.

The amazing thing is Annest thinking she can steal from me and I will keep and let her get away with it.

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