22 Mar

She pretends to be serious in life and to know what she wants in life but soon after the honeymoon period in the relationship, she begins to expose the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and serial cheating/promiscuity. She begins to cheat in the relationship by having external relationships behind your back. Initially when caught, Annest claims the man is just a casual friend which in reality is not. It is all a cheating addictive behaviour that she cannot accept in order to  try to resolve it. Whichever man desires her, she gives in for the love of money. It does not matter what kind of man it is. In our relationship, she was cheating on me with a man old enough to be her father.

In life she is a “Socially Disruptive Narcissist”. She will talk about others behind their backs and vandalising their names and characters. She goes to the extent of despising other people’s wives as being ugly and making out that she is very beautiful. She actually thinks she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. How sad.

The serial cheating is not limited to the relationship only. She will do anything to cheat at paying bills and or once you give her money to pay for something, she will take some money and pay pretending that the money is right when she actually took some of the money. I experienced this many times with bills. Linked in with this, is that she does this for the simple fact that she is spiteful so that she can destroy relationships as well that you have with people.

She is the most vile person if you can call her that I’ve ever known. She likes to be the centre of attention. So having good relationships with others takes the attention away from her. So she tries to take that attention by creating some form of drama which is what qualifies her to be a  Socially Disruptive Narcissist.

The bottom line is she is a serial cheat because she cheats at anything.

Beauty is not about having the fairest skin or pretty face but the purest heart. Annest thinks it is about having a fair skin and pretty face accentuated by bleach, makeup and provocative clothing/dressing that she wears showing most of her body. No wonder she maintains a bleached skin and makes people believe she is naturally endowed. As a Narcissist she craves attention everywhere she goes and feels important if and when she attracts attention.

Annest may for the time being keep your serial affairs and money cheating, conning mannerisms out of public view for quite some time, but eventually, “what is done in the dark eventually comes to the light”.

She  left my house/home with the intention of pursuing a life with several other men, as was proved immediately afterwards when she moved in with another man, gave him money she had stolen from and was living with him while lying to my relatives she was living alone.

Under normal circumstances, we should have put our attention and energy into fixing our long-term relationship but she chose to continue with her serial “side dish affairs”. Good riddance to her.

Chronic cheating is rooted in her emotional emptiness which feels the need to be constantly desired by more than one man at a time. That is why she thinks she is wanted by every man and has to give in to the desires of different men for her love of material things. For a woman to brag about men wanting her, you have to realise that Annest Namata has no values and no integrity to talk about.

NOTE: This is NOT character assassination. This is character revelation.


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