21 Mar

What does being with someone through “thick and thin” mean?

It is quite obvious that it simply means through the good and bad times, you will be there for that someone. This is what Annest pledged, promised and vowed to do. BUT she never ever lived up to that pledge and vow. It was just sheer talk to persuade me her victim at the time that she was serious, honest, genuine and a good honest person all the while planning her gold digging antics and being promiscuous yet we were engaged to be married.

A True friend who loves you sticks with you through thick and thin no matters what. In my case, Annest was my fiancee and I thought she was also my best friend and that’s why I trusted her with everything. But behind my back she was cheating on me with every Tom, Dick and Harry, talking dirty, abusing my image, abusing my late mothers name and image. She was doing all this despite me giving her each and everything she had never had in her life. I often went without but I would make sure she was comfortable. She abused it all.

Obviously Annest was not a true fiancee or friend and I can never forgive her for betraying me. So many other people have come forward telling me about her betrayal even as a friend and or business associated  friend.

I wonder what it meant to Annest Namata because she always made this promise time and time again but never lived to fulfill any part of it at all and in any way.

“True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not.

ttA friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter how close or far apart you may be.                  

A friend is someone who is always there and will always, always care. A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart.

The bottom line is Annest does anything and can do anything in order to make you plant a seed of trust which is all lies and then brings out her fangs out to rip you off. All she is after is money and material things. She is a Gold Digger.

She recently sent me an e-mail stating “I wish I had taken and stolen everything from you” and I still have proof of it. I think that sums up what she is “a…………..”. Ladies and Gentlemen fill the space for me.

Annest Namata is a serial cheat, evil, and a thief and that is very indicative in the emails she sent to me.

So if anyone reading this ever gets to hear this from Annest, never ever believe any bit of it. You can and should never trust Annest in whatever you choose to do. She is simply a promiscuous Gold Digger.

This is her Character revelation.

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