21 Mar

Annest would travel supposedly at short notice (her lies). In reality it was not short notice for the real business trips because she would know well in advance but would keep it quiet to her partner.

The short notice trips she was creating were serial promiscuous cheating trips. Obviously she had something sinister to hide and would find it extremely difficult to hide because the reality of the trips was not because she was going on genuine business trips but because something is supposed to be revealed as to why she was going on these trips. The trips she claimed were for business had nothing to do with her but she would use them as excuses. I got to realise that when she started lying to her family that she has been away on business trips and that’s why she was not answering their calls when in reality she was around town.

BUT she had nothing to do with Bidding and yet she claimed she is the one who wrote, delivered and worked on BIDS. How could she work on Bids? That is questionable. She must have thought that I was like her selected audience that believes her lies.

“I AM MORE PRESENTABLE THAN MY COLLEAGUES”. This was her claim. As always she thinks she is better than every body else. She is delusional.

Was she the only one who could deliver papers and or BIDS to customers? No one else can/could do it? And she dared claim that she was more presentable than her colleagues. What makes her think she is better than anybody else? What makes her more presentable than her colleagues? Is it about her being more presentable of having substance in head. She is just fool of nonsense in her head.

The fact of the matter is that the colleagues at her work place know the truth. I would have expected them to tell me the truth but in true Uganda style, they kept quiet to her ways. I dont blame them at all because she gave them the impression that I was as arrogant as she is. Obviously some of them believed her stupid lies she was telling them later that we were just friends/business partners and she was helping me with money.

She did NOT have a penny/any money to her name when I met her. She was destitute. I did not have a problem with helping her. I loved her for what she was not what she had or where she was from. Little did I know that outside the home, she was vandalising my name and image after settling in my life, she was exaggerating what she is, telling lies about me, blowing her trumpet and all the while acting arrogant. So the sheer lies that she was sending me money, looking after me, etc is all her stupid lies.

If you want to know all the truth nothing else but the truth, get in touch with me or continue reading the Blog. I will unequivocally tell you the whole truth from A to Z about Annest Namata. Enough of her sheer worthless arrogance and lies.

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