21 Mar

The above heading of this post typifies what Annest Namata started telling me. But I am the one who started the company and Bank rolled it all the way. She DID NOT contribute anything towards the investment in that company.

However she had the guts to state “I am C.O.O and Director of the company” and I have a right to make solo decisions on my own and withdraw money from the company account”. I made HER a Director of my company but she became delusional as to think she can dictate to me about my own money and use it as she so wishes. I started the company and I contributed 100% to the financing of that company. All these are narcissistic attributes.

I know she has been telling people that I am very weak and cannot make decisions. No one but myself makes the decisions for all my stuff and I have always done so even for my late mum when I was a young boy.

She tells people the same about the Director of the company she works for. She told me how the Director/owner of the company is weak, cannot make decisions, does not know business, fears  his company MD, etc.

Strange enough she says the same of the man who is the owner of the company. She started saying this after a few months of starting work in his company. She says that he is very weak and cannot make decisions. Does that ring a pattern. I am very sure she thinks she can and has a right to make decisions in that company too yet she does not and will never have shares in that company.

My advice to the owners of any company she works for, you are employing a thief who is out there to exploit you and steal from your company.

Annest has great delusions of grandeur which she takes to another level that is self destructive.

If you noticed in the initial Posts of this Blog, I mentioned how delusional she is.

This is a typical example of her delusions of grandeur. She has a very disgusting pretentious or bombastic behaviour which took me a while to notice perhaps because I did not want to accept that she was changing herself into that character. This pretentious behaviour leads a lot of people especially the older generation to think she is genuine and wonderful which is totally far from the truth.

Annest will do ANYTHING to make people think she is genuine in order to get at something of materialistic gain to herself. She loves money and material more than life itself. But in any way, that is what she has always been.

She is a Narcissistic Megalomaniac which is a form of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, or power. She has an obsession with doing extravagant or grand things BUT using other peoples money and passing it on as her own.

She also suffers from Paranoia a  slowly progressive personality disorder marked by delusions, especially of persecution and grandeur.

She makes out that everybody who she upsets or does something wrong to, is out to persecute her because they are jealous of her. Which is not true at all. I am sure she is saying the same of me. But I want to use this Blog to make it clear that I have NO reason to be jealous of her. She says all this and spreads it around so that she can be portrayed as the good person when she is the ugly bad person out to exploit people.

She portrays the grand image and likes to make people think she is “posh” and intellectual but when push comes to shove and you test her intellect by simply talking to her, that is when you realise that it is all for show. The reality is that she is a very shallow self conceited person who clearly has delusions of grandeur and sheer arrogance with no substance plus a very unstable mental state. This is someone who can be the most perfect person today and be totally different the next day.

She has serious mental health issues that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency and that urgency is now before she destroys more peoples lives in one way or another. She may appear normal on the outside exterior, but she is totally morally corrupt and her heart is empty of any feelings and empathy. It is about living for today and her selfishness is very destructive to anybody.


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