“I AM NOW A MANAGER” – Her Delusions of Grandeur

21 Mar
“I AM NOW A MANAGER” – Her Delusions of Grandeur


To some of us promotion within a company IF you are employed, is not such a big deal. It is seen as a progression that anyone attains as a result of their skills, abilities and or the company appreciating their input plus wanting to retain your services and not loose you to the competition, etc.

Annest Namata was promoted from an “Events Usher” within months to an Events Planner/Manager. This goes to show why she is very boastful, unappreciative and arrogant from there onwards mainly because she did not really work for this position and neither did she attain the skills to be a manager in the company. I can say that because I know her better than the people she works with and or her employees. They know what she makes them think. That’s why she is arrogant for being a manager. Being a manager is just a title. So what if she is a manager?


Now you would expect her to appreciate my contribution for what she had attained thus far. I was the first person she consulted when she was asked to go for an interview . She asked me for advice and interview tips and what to wear. She did not even have a proper interview otherwise she would have failed it. But today she says I am jealous of her and her job. How can I be jealous of her and her job when you cannot compare it to mine at all and in any way. How can I be jealous when its me who was advising her about the job and gave her ideas that she passed on as her own?

However, once made a Manager, she started telling me she was too busy to do certain investment updates as she had done before, and even claimed she was too busy to send an email because she was a manager. All the while she was stealing my money and giving it to boys she was affairs in town as they fooled her that they had good business investments. Her exact saying when I asked for an update was ” I am very busy because I am a now Manager”. My response to that was to laugh at her. You have to laugh and feel sorry for her.

It is sad that one can be so foolish as to think like that way. These investments were for her own good as well and were 10 times better than having a 9 – 5 job as a “Wage earner”. However, she probably never ever thought she would ever be a manager in her life. So it is such a big deal to her. All she is, is manipulative to remain where she is and to get favours by offering to do things without pay and or offering to do good deeds without being asked. She is too selfish to be genuine at all.  For example all along she was offering to use my cars for company jobs and purposes but would lie to them that they are her cars. I had to pay for repair costs and maintenance.

Now let’s see how many cars has she bought to use for the company business. How many? She is a selfish bitch and very ungrateful.

This is not something she should have uttered out to me when all I was doing was getting an update about investments and planning for a New Business Venture that would have benefited her a great deal and she would not have to be a thief to-date ie stealing peoples money. I helped her get the job she is being arrogant about in the first place.

She can be a Manager/Founder all she wants to claim but what she earns in a year, many people earn it in two weeks or less. Some people earn it in an hour. They don’t announce on a PA system and neither do they shout about their positions/jobs or brag about it as she brags about being a mere Manager. So compare and contrast Ladies and Gentlemen.

I rest my case.

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