21 Mar

She claims to be in the office by 6 am to 9 or 10 pm Come Saturday, come Sunday, she always claimed she was in the Office. There was absolutely no way she could have been in the office. But she always thought I believed the lies. But ever since we broke up she is never in the office at that time and on the weekends but yet she is supposed to be busier now than she was back then.

She CLAIMED that her work was her child, husband and life and yet she had someone who had dedicated his life to her, given all his life to her to a point that he resigned to come back to Uganda for the love and her sake after her complaints for years and had proposed to her for marriage.

She would claim she is in the office when she is with men, she is in Mall car parks waiting for a man or waiting for a man by the roadside waiting for men. All ill mannerisms. She will deny that but I have witnesses who found her waiting and asked her and her answer was that they are following her.

She does NOT deserve forgiveness in any way or form.

What does that tell you. For now I will leave you to make your own conclusions and not guide your conclusion. You must know the truth by now.

Thank God I broke up with her because she is a total embarassment to anyone and society.

This leads on to the next post about her being a Serial promiscuous Cheat in all faculties of her life.

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