21 Mar

TALK IS CHEAPIt is important to note here that, I did not ask her to make me happy as a pre-requisite to our relationship. All I wanted  was a natural progression of our relationship. She was simply living a lie and very conniving by trying to win my trust by claiming to want to make me happy whilst she was being promiscuous with many other men behind my back and stealing my money.

Despite her constant claims, promises and vows that all she wanted was to make me happy, all Annest Namata did continuously was make me miserable and unhappy with her constant personal dramas, constant deceit, outside affairs sleeping around and arguments.She is a disgusting slut.New Year resolutions

Initially the arguments were with friends she partnered with to run a restaurant business I funded. She made out that they were envious and jealous of her. She then started other fights with friends and colleagues. BUT she always CLAIMED that they were jealous of her because she is beautiful. What beauty is there to talk about anyway? Is she the most beautiful woman in the world?  So she thinks.  I’ve met very many much much more beautiful women than she will ever be but they do not have the drama and neither do they have her bloody arrogance. But now I know that she was the problem. Why would they be jealous of her. Why her? Why would people be jealous of her only? What’s so special about her? Absolutely nothing.

After starting outside affairs with different men, she started arguments with me unnecessarily whilst still making out that she is determined to make me very happy. She constantly pestered me to have a baby with her whilst having affairs with different men. What kind of heartless person is she?

Thank God I did not give in to her constant cries for children/ twins and marriage.

In addition to this she was suggesting I change my propert(ies) into her names and anything I may buy. Now she would be claiming she bought them just like she is claiming for 72 million shillings or she destroy my business. She will answer for my loss of earnings and the destruction of my business in Court. I have all the evidence of the money she stole from me and my mother’s account. She is a THIEF.

I can now look back and say that she made me very miserable and extremely unhappy. I have never been in a situation like this. She is a deceitful Gold Digger.

Thank God she is out of my life for life. She is the most disgusting vile human evil soul I have ever known. With her being heartless, I wonder if she is human at all. She has no heart and no emotions. That is why she is utterly remorseless.

I am the happiest I’ve ever been in the last four and a half years without her in my life. I have done so much more than I did when I was with her in four and a half years. I managed to achieve so much within two months of separating from her while the slut was busy sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry and trying her best to soil my name.

So to the current victim (so called Boyfriend, Man, whatever else she may call you) my advice to you is; get a reality check with immediate effect because you are dealing with a heartless Gold Digger.  She will use you and abuse your trust, then will claim what she is not entitled to. She is a Narcissist out to suck you dry all for money and material things that she will get from you. She will leave you very very miserable and sorry. Anyhow she is with you and you are sharing her with many other men.BROKEN VOW

Do not be morally weak and fall for her perceived looks or whatever else you might be after. Ask yourself sensible questions; Why is she single as she claims?, Why does she not have a child up to this age which age she lies about and its not her true age???  She is much much older than she claims. She thinks she is growing younger by the year according to her by claiming she has misplaced her birth certificate. You don’t need your birth certificate to know your true age. No one can fail to know their true age if you are honest.

I now know better what her real age is. Not from her but other people who could know the real truth behind the scenes. Is she marriage material? Is she????? HELL NO! I did everything to BROKEN PROMISESshow her real love and I mean everything but she is never ever satisfied. She is a GREEDY OLD GOLD DIGGER/SLUT.

To you who is having an affair with her, ask yourself, Are you the only one she is having an affair with? Are you safe? You better value your health because Annest Namata is only bothered about getting money. Is anything you are doing with her safe with her big mouth telling people about abc? The choice is yours. I was advised at the start of the relationship and ignored the advice and everything I was advised about because I honestly and truely loved her. I was dead wrong because she did all I was advised against and worse. You will not be immune to her deceitful selfish ways. You reap what you sow.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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  1. Eunice Kamya

    August 18, 2013 at 08:12

    Pat, I know Annest. It is unfortunate that nobody told you about her. She is a jumpy woman and as you said she is after a man with money. She keeps jumping to different men for money, the next man with more money. You are the only one who stayed long with her but because you did not know her. If you lived with her you would have known what a cheap person she is. Mbu “I am saved”. Hmmm!


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