20 Mar

How do you explain how someone your fiancee can put up your late mothers pictures out of supposedly respect and put them away in a cupboard face down whenever you leave the house? Why?

That is what Annest Namata did. This is an act of EVIL and therefore Annest is very evil to do that when someone has passed away more especially my mother who meant the world to me and she clearly knew that fact.

It is amazing that she can do this and go to sleep everyday. What a cold remorseless evil witch.

The excuse she gave was that there were many pictures in the house. How many pictures were they anyway? Even when there was only one picture, the moment I was out of the house, she would put it down face down. That is an unforgiveable act. How can one be so vile?

However, I had bought a new frame for her parents old picture but she could not appreciate and neither could she even thank me for it after I framed it.

If she is capable of doing this, what more could she do?

This is the most unforgiveable act in living memory and I am here TO state that she disrespected my late mothers memorabilia, did not apologise and I will NEVER EVER forgive her. No one should ever have a right to do that to anyone who has lost someone who means so much to them. No one.

This is one of the worst atrocities she can ever do and is not forgiveable as far as I am concerned. I am sure anyone would agree with my verdict.

What is the essence of her immorality? People like her should stop abusing what christianity is and what being Born again and God fearing mean. They should stop using that to extort and steal from people.

I stand my moral high ground to state this and make it public.

But of course if she can do this, she is capable of doing anything. She is a cold heartless evil person even to her own family and she is only after money and material things. That is all that matters to her. That goes to explain why she has no respect for her family e.g. her parents, siblings. She treats each of them like they are nothing on this planet. She calls her siblings thieves and goes on to say that she hates her parents because they are poor. How stupid can she be to say that?

She thinks she is very special. She is not a Goddess. She is NOT more special on this earth than anyone else at all as she thinks.

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