19 Mar

This perhaps is the reason Annest seems to think she is mega important and that makes her disgustingly and obnoxiously arrogant. In our society, there are many examples like her. All you need to do is look around yourself.

Annest has attained certain miniature material things the wrong way, by the wrong means and has got to meet people whom she never thought/dreamed she would ever meet in her life. To her those people are her Gods and are her pathway to money and material things. She loves money over anything else.That is why she does anything to appease/please them. So the Narcissistic Personality has kicked in. Thus the worthless, egotistical arrogance and pomposity she has that serves no purpose. Thus her disgusting delusions of grandeur.

I guess you have seen and come across many people of this nature in the past without realising it. I certainly never dreamed that I would have any association with such a creature in my life. But I guess God had to take me through this path for a reason. However, I have to say it is the worst path to go through to have to get close and personal and share a life with a person like Annest Namata who is evil in all sense and purpose is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

If you the reader of this Blog Post ever have to meet or have to do anything with a person who has a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” as  I am describing in this Blog Annest Namata is, keep away from her and immediately end the relationship if you are in any kind of relationship. Even if it is a mere friendship. However good she may look or seem to be, she will not be good on the inside. She is very vile and evil on the inside. Her mannerisms and character are rotten to the core.

What is important is NOT the beauty on the outside only BUT beauty on the inside too. A person who is rotten and ugly on the inside even though she may be pretty on the outside by using Congolese Caro light bleach and bleaching her body to a point of appearing yellow/orange, it is nothing but evil. That’s why you should keep away from her if at all she looks pretty to you. Have some principles even she uses sex to lure you because you will be sharing her with many other men. All she does is sleep around for money and material things.

I do not have time for sluts like her and I’d put her in her place like I would anybody else.

When I met promiscuous Annest Namata, she had nothing, absolutely nothing, could not even afford a roof over her head. Her only solution at the time was to sign up and go become a Security guard in Iraq until we met. She will deny this but she told me in person time and time again. And now she dare claim that I am jealous of her and her job.

What job does she have that I would be jealous of? Her job CANNOT be compared to mine at all. What money she makes in a year, I make it in two weeks but I don’t flaunt it. I have travelled the globe for many years and continue to travel the globe much more now but because she has been to three African countries and one Asian country, she thinks she has seen the world. Anyway, it is a big thing for her to get on the plane. It very ordinary for me. So I will NOT stoop down to her ghetto level. I did that for 4.5 years because I loved her. I loved her for her genuinely but now I realise it was a major mistake.

How can I help Annest from a state of nothing to what she has today and what she knows today and she cannot appreciate at all but chooses to use me. Anyway, “what goes around come around.” Karma will deal with her because she has exploited other people.

We are at different levels of thinking and living and I should NEVER have let her into my world/life because she will always be Ghetto and have cheap Ghetto mannerisms no matter what. Annest Namata should find her Ghetto level mate so that she can continue practising her rotten mannerisms and promiscuous ways.

She is one of those people who are exposed to miniature material things later in life and they think they have arrived. You have to feel sorry for such people because they have just seen the real world out there. And it doesn’t really matter what her status is, she will still behave with the same worthless ghetto arrogance.

All of you who are her friends and think that you are true genuine friends to her better think again because you are dealing with a person who is empty of any emotion and looks at you as objects to use for one thing or another. That’s what Narcissistic people do. That is why most of you her girlfriends have money issues with Annest and will always have. Besides that she will always say nasty things about you all behind your backs. She told me nasty things about all of you and this includes all those colleagues at her office/work plus the Bosses/managers of the company she works for.

Annest has this ultra ego that she thinks she is the best in every way and everything when in reality she is not and never will be. She seems to think she is so great.

I am here to expose her because she has pretended over the years to be what she is not, used people, used me, exploited people, stole from me and thinks it is okay and also thinks she has a right to get away with it. She should stop stealing, using people and exploiting. She is a thief.

This is her Character revelation.

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