18 Mar

images (38)It is always disgusting to come across someone like Annest Namata who is a religious promiscuous hypocrite, and a serial cheat and claim she is God-fearing, Born again as she claims but she practises evil. WHen you confront her about her sleeping around and stealing peoples money her defence is “For you, you think you are perfect”. Where do people like these come from? Where do people like these end up? Do they go to heaven? So she thinks!

A case in point is how Annest Namata claims she is very religious aka Born again/saved..Pretending to be religious

I am very sure God is not blind to her practises. But why does God let people like Annest go on with the same practises to a point of allowing them to hurt people they come and live on with their selfish gold digging practises? Annest is one such person. I have been keeping my cool and been a gentleman but she translated it as a weakness she can explore and kept provocking me and insulting me whilst at the same vandalising my name and worst of all my late mothers name behind my back just like she does to everybody else.

It got to a point when I could not take any of her vile evil selfish promiscuous practises and my response is telling her my mind and telling all the facts of what she has been doing behind my back. All of a sudden, she became religious and started sending me blessing messages.

The fact of the matter is she sleeps around with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

I would not want any religious pretence practise from a person like this because Annest Namata is evil and everything inside her is evil.

Let no one be fooled, Annest Namata is not religious at all and only uses it as a front to con people be it in business and or personal relationships. She constantly claims she is religious. People like her should not be allowed to be able to mingle in society because they are menace to society and a con.

One of the earliest unnecessary lies she made to me was she said “I don’t drink at all because I am religious”. She repeated this to me after the end of the relationship by writing “Annest Namata does not drink the family drinks”.  She always makes out that her siblings are bad people and she is the good one. When in reality she is the thief and evil one in the family.To my dismay, I have confirmed that she drinks and has been doing so for quite a while. Why the lies? She lives a lie in everything she does and says and I cannot stand her deceitful evil life.

How do you break this circle of lies? Honest reflection and questioning. And that takes great courage.

There are false prophets everywhere that preach behind the safe shield of Christianity and other religions who are sick and power-hungry.

At stake in Christianity is a relationship with God. But, how is this manifested and sustained? My hunch is that non-verbal behaviours moderate religious faith, and shape it in powerful ways.

Annest claims she cannot go to prison despite her thefts because as she tells her friends that she is high profile. She is sleeping around and thinks that the men she is sleeping around with will protect her from her thefts. She also says she is going to heaven. Makes you wonder how she can decide for God that she is going to Heaven.

She convinces herself in her delusional world that the evil she is doing is good.

NOTE: This is NOT character assassination. This is real life character revelation.

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