17 Mar

What prompts and makes someone think they are way better than anyone else when they don’t have anything that proves that they are better than anything let alone anyone? Why can’t someone like Annest be humble and be herself instead of acting like she is the best thing the world has seen.

Getting a few material things combined with her Narcissistic Personality Disorder makes Annest  very arrogant and haughty.

As she said to me several times after I gave her everything, she never thought she would live in a good house, have a car, have a good job. Depends what you would term a good job.

I rented her a house with all the amenities. As a mark of appreciation and love for her, I bought her a car, gave her money she started several businesses and ensured she got a good job. Initially they were not paying her a salary, so I sent her money every month plus expenses. She got a job as a result of where I had rented a house for her. But today she acts like she is better than everyone in the world.

Instead of turning all this into a positive, and appreciating what I had done for her, she became increasingly arrogant, disrespectful against me yet I am the person she should have appreciated.

Annest, was using what I was doing for her and giving her to flaunt herself to men, flirting and telling them how she is single yet we were engaged to be married, independent and rich, telling them how she worked hard for what she has got instead of appreciating all that I did for her and was doing for her.

But that is the way Narcissists act because by now she had got attention from several men for her new narcissistic suply. Whether they had interest for the right reasons or not, she became arrogant and often told her friends and colleagues that she is beautiful and has many boys interested in her. Pretty cheap ha!

To-date her arrogance has got to un-proportional heights as a result of her travelling outside Africa for the first time in her life ie to one Asian country. Initially, the arrogance started as a result of her travelling to three African countries by Air which was such a big deal for her in her wildest dream. She thinks it is such a big deal. Little does she know some people take it as an every day thing. She has even gone to the extent of posting a picture of herself on Facebook in a plane as a show of her travelling by Air. It must be a big deal for her. All the she talks about is travelling to that one Asian country. Big deal! So what? It is so sad and stupid that she even acquired a fake false English accent as though Chinese have an English accent. Besides that she was only there for 3 weeks.

If she travelled like some people have, what would she say and how would she act around people? Her arrogance exposes her backwardness, ghettoness and sheer foolishness.

Some people know what her weaknesses are and they play on that and use her weaknesses but she thinks she is very clever and she thinks they are doing things in her best interests. Good riddance to her.

However, people need to know that Annest Namata is not the person you can trust with anything of yours, especially anything to do with money regardless of who you are. But however, if you choose not to listen to the advice even after you have read this Blog, Good luck. You will one day wonder why you didn’t heed my advice that has been made very public.

If Annest thinks she is so beautiful then why does she wear piles of make-up? Why does she bleach her whole body to a point of getting pimples, a rash and looking orange/yellow? Why does she flaunt herself and seduce men everywhere she goes? She seduces men on-line as well, men she doesn’t know. So what is beautiful about her? There a very many much more beautiful women out there who are not arrogant and neither do they flaunt themselves. She is Arrogant for nothing.

Good riddance I say.

This is her Character revelation.

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