15 Mar

What is moral about being immoral?

Annest claims she is very religious, God fearing and claims to have a special relationship with God but everything she does is very immoral. How do you steal and then say “My God is good to me.”; “My God is always good to me”. How do you cheat on your partner and say “My God is good to me and always favours me”.

How do you steal your Fiance’s Late mothers money from the account and then say “My God always guides me on what to do”, “God is always by my side”. Are you trying to say God guides you on how to do immoral deceitful things? Did God guide you or was he by your side when you stealing my money from my account?, withdrawing millions of shillings every day before I could get back to Uganda. That is theft. Then you lie to me that it was for business. Prove that it was for business? You cannot account for all the you stole..

I am aware she used the money she stole from my account to buy land and you used part of it to purchase things she bought in China.

All the while she was running my business, she was stealing money and giving to boys she was having affairs with. She told someone this. So she should not deny it. She is disgusting.

To make matters worse, she wants me to pay her in millions to get out of my business. She obviously thinks she very clever and everybody else is stupid. I think it is vice versa. She is immoral, impatient and greedy.

This is an example of her narcissism exploiting me and other people for her own selfish goal; money and material things.

Obviously you Annest must think God is too blind to see what you are doing.

To you Annest, there is no point pretending you are God fearing. You are lying to yourself.

She interprets her immorality as being morally correct. God is watching and God will judge you no matter what you think you are.

Karma will take course very soon. Karma has no deadline.

This is character revelation.

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