14 Mar

What is the definition of suffering?

Annest claims I made her suffer by giving her everything she has ever needed and wanted in life. By giving her what she had never had in her life plus the freedom to do whatever she wanted was interpreted as making her suffer. I gave her more love than she has ever had in her life from anyone including her parents but today she claims I made her suffer. She did not even have to lift a finger to do anything because she had everything in plenty but she still says I made her suffer. All she had to do was ran my business part time and go to work if she wanted to. Everything else was there. I have witnesses to this. So the evidence is there to bare these facts.

If I made her suffer, then why was she telling her colleagues that if she lost her job, she had a business to go to? The business is mine. Why does she want to be my friend? Why is she holding on to my property?

Recall my earlier conotations on Narcissistic supply, she needed a new victim(s) to keep her Narcissistic supply going and this is after I had found out what she really is. All because I bursted her cheating on me. She knew she would not have Narcissistic supply from me any more. So she had to create false stories to justify her going to the next “victim” i.e. the men she ran to.

Help me understand if she has any sense of understanding and or if she uses her brains. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder, arrogance and Ego do not allow her to use her common sense.

Common sense is free but she cant use it. Anyway, she is a heartless spiteful Gold Digger.

This is her Character revelation.

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