“My Job is my child…….”

13 Mar
“My Job is my child…….”

She made a very strong binding promise in her own words “If you start a Business, I will resign and concentrate on our business until it succeeds”. I started  a business with no debt or loans and or competition. She did not do as she promised when she asked me to start one. She is a certified Gold Digger. Rather than depending on one wage, I started a business and gave Annest Namata 50% shares in my company and made her a company Director. She did not contribute a penny towards the starting of the business and or to the business case. I did everything from scratch plus gave her the business contacts she claims she has to-date. She did not know how to start but she is now quick to praise herself as having done everything.

Driving to the company I gave her details of, using my car, maintained by me does not mean she did everything. Yes she did administration and I appreciate but it does not justify her theft from the company. I even gave her a choice to continue working full time if she wants but ran this other business BUT to her it is all about cheating and lying and ultimately STEALING. She was stealing my money for nearly a year. Prior to all this, I gave her money to start several different businesses of her choice, i paid for the company registrations, etc which she mismanaged for one reason or another.  I now know why the main reason being she is very money minded and a THIEF despite telling who ever has the time to listen to her that “she knows business”, “she is very good at business”, etc, the businesses would go down for one reason or another.

The truth is that she is very manipulating, a con, money minded and she does not know business as she claims. All she does is show off as to how she has money which she has not worked for but steals. Despite starting a business as my own idea and the only one doing this kind of business in Uganda, she is now claiming that she contributed half of the money which is not true at all. Can she provide the proof of her lies, of course not. But as usual she is telling lies so that the people she lied to that don’t know better can continue believing her lies. I am well aware she stole from my company because she could not account for money missing when asked to answer to an Audit plus she destroyed it and has started a similar business and is taking my customers.

Annest Namata had the guts to steal money from my business account, my late mothers estate and then stupidly sent me an email asking me for 83 million shillings as her share. She  DID NOT contribute anything to the start of the company. In addition to all this, she was earning 1.1million shillings but was using 500,000 shillings as petty cash from my company while stealing. The reason for starting that business was so that she can stop being a “wage slave”, be her own boss in our business BUT strange enough she chose to destroy the business and also continue being a “Wage Slave”. She chose the Wage Slave choice and idiosyncracies over the business I started for us as a family. There are other lifestyle choice reasons she made that decision. Her cheap antics cannot allow her to do the right thing but cheat everywhere she is and goes.

However, for doing the right thing, she said that I gave her everything plus a business which would enable her to be independent, comfortable etc,  she said I did it so that she can be my slave.  No wonder she has to take “kickbacks”, steal from the company and sleep with several men, and have serial affairs as her  survival mechanism. That’s what she likes to do anyway. That’s what she is best at. She has a total lack of morals and values.

However, if my company accountability is not availed, court proceedings will prevail and proceed regardless of any nonsensical claims she is making and lies she cannot support. Her self inflated ego, false beliefs of self-importance as a result of her cheap slutty antics will not hinder my need to show Annest Namata that she is not the greatest thing in the world as she thinks. I don’t entertainment worthless arrogance. I will not allow her to claim what is not hers and steal and tell lies. She had the guts to order me to pay her 83 million shillings claiming that is what she contributed. I will prove in court all her thefts of all my money. I can confirm that she is a thief and sleeps around for money.

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