13 Mar

_46818312_woods466getty_for_robAnnest Namata can best be described as a “contradiction freak”. In fact her second name should be “contradiction”.

I state that because she is constantly contradicting herself in everything she says and does.#HYPOCRITE

A case in point is, she said I made her suffer, made her a slave BUT she is holding onto my property, my car, my company, my company contracts, my company paperwork and stole things that I bought. Most of all she wants to at least be my friend. If I made her suffer, then why want to be my friend? Why want to do business with me?

If I made her suffer, she should have left everything that has to do with me at my house. Simple as that. But she stole things from my house before she left and in addition to that wanted to be my friend and so-called Business Partner . I don’t want or need her friendship in any context. I don’t love or befriend hypocrites, thieves or exploiting promiscuous people like her.

But for all her contradictions, she will live to regret her rotten mannerisms. You cannot choose to exploit/use someone who has put you on a pedestal when no one was putting you there simply because you have got to a point where you are getting attention for all the wrong reasons but of course Annest wants money and material things for now.

Annest, selfiishness and materialism will blow up in your face.

This is her real life character revelation.

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