12 Mar

Annest Namata tends to follow the same pattern in her life but she thinks people do not notice her pattern of rotten mannerisms and behaviour.

When I met her, she told me how she has suffered in her life, how she worked Liar on the-buttonhard, how she spent four years sleeping on the floor of her sisters living room and walking to school for long distances up to 2 hours, etc. IT WAS ALL LIES IN ORDER FOR ME TO FEEL SORRY FOR HER AND GIVE HER EVERYTHING. SHE REPEATS THIS STORY FOR EVERY MAN SHE WANTS TO GET MONEY AND MATERIAL THINGS FROM BY INSINUATING A RELATIONSHIP.

After she has got your trust, she then starts sleeping around and stealing from you. She has excessive love of money and can dangerously do anything to you.

Most of all these are exaggerated stories to get her victims (I) sympathy so that she can get material things from them. She uses the same lies everytime. I am very sure she is doing the very same thing with her current victim(s). Whoever it may be, I hope you get to read this Blog so that you can know the truth nothing but the truth.

At the end of the day it is your choice whether you listen to well given advice or not. This is evidential advice based on my experience.

MY ADVICE: Get out of that predicament before it is too late. If you don’t get out now, you will be gravely disappointed, cheated and stolen from by Annest Namata.

IF you are the “victim(s)” of Annest, stand up and use your common sense and walk away from that relationship no matter what kind of relationship it is because ultimately she is using you and she will leave after she has ripped you off and move on to her next “victim”. She cannot stay in one relationship or friendship for long and for the right reasons. She will look for every excuse on this earth to claim she can’t stay in the relationship, claim she is unhappy and one of her lines of lies is that ” she being mistreated”. She has said this time and time again.

Question: Is it true that everybody she has a relationship with mistreats her? Why her only? What role does she have to play in the breakup or destruction of the relationship? Are her morals right? The answer is simply she is the cause of the disappointments and destructions for own selfish goals and immoral deceitful behaviour.

The answer is very simple, after getting what she wants which is material things and money most of all, she starts doing her best to destroy the relationship. One of her ways of destroying the relationship is by cheating with more than one man and constantly causing arguments and verbal fights at any given opportunity. When she has got her new victims, she starts causing fights whilst still exploiting you and at the same time claiming she still loves you.

However much I gave her, helped her, loved her, appreciated her, she never appreciated. That is because she is simply a parasite, a user and promiscuous by choice.

She makes sure she is having more than one relationship and gets material things and money from all the relationships and uses that to boast that she knows how to do business to justify her new acquisitions. We now know what business it is. She once said to me ” You want to be the only one giving me good things….”. So she can go ahead getting material things from different men. How cheap!  I wouldnt want anything to do with her. The shoes below are some of the type of good things as she refers to them she got from one of them men she was an affair with.

 However, she blinds people into believing that she has one relationship when if they pay attention, they can all clearly see that she is doing her rounds with her promiscuous affairs sleeping around. But she will make you believe she is Born again..

 As contradictory as she is, she tells people even her work colleagues, that the men are just friends/Business Partners. I was in a relationship with her for four and a half years, I gave her everything she could have needed including a percentage of my business but she still had the audacity to tell her friends and some of her colleagues that I was just a friend/Business Partner. How disgusting!

 Beauty is not about having the fairest skin or supposed pretty face but the purest heart. Annest thinks it is about having a fair skin and provocative clothing by showing off so much skin for men’s attention plus men’s strong lingering perfume that she wears exposing most of her body at any given opportunity. Anyone’s beauty fades. She thinks she is a goddess. There is no beauty left as a result of her sleeping around with every Tom Dick and Harry. Thus the skin bleaching and makeup plus photoshopped pictures.


This is NOT Character Assassination. This is her real life Character revelation.

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2 responses to “TOTAL LUCK OF APPRECIATION – Annest Namata the PARASITE / USER:-

  1. patblogg

    June 19, 2012 at 21:17

    Indeed Thank God it never took off because you would not have gained anything from it other than losses but she would most probably turn it round and blame you. As you realise she does not have the manners to respect you and bring back the samples and at least explain why she didn’t go ahead with the orders. Instead she acts like she is doing you a favour.

  2. Lillyanne Kangye

    June 19, 2012 at 15:46

    Wooww!! Really? I have heard about her and she nearly put my husband in trouble coz she came up with very big deals,10,000 branded Tshirts.10,000 pens,10,000 flags,etc Made us make several samples,(which samples she never brought back!!!!!)
    Thank God it never took off!


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