08 Mar

Anyone would be strangely drawn to her self-centred personality, her salient dominance and hostility, her perceived sensitivity and her despair which she portrays when she starts a relationship with anyone, at least for a while, draws you towards her. She combines this with perceived trust, i.e. convincing you to trust her and continuously drums into you to trust her. DO NOT BELIEVE HER PRETENCE. DON’T BE FOOLED. Believe her lies at your PERIL otherwise you will live to regret.

 At first the narcissist like Annest can be very charming, giving, loving  but when one takes a closer look she almost smothers the person she is with anything being around all the time (at the beginning of the relationship.) This is why many people can get sucked into a relationship with a narcissist like Annest because they love the attention they are getting and feel that person truly loves them. She used to kneel for me when serving me food and or drinks. I had to stop her because she was being a Gold digging evil whore. You would be lured into thinking that you hit the jack pot! REST ASSURED, YOU HAVE HIT THE GATES TO HELL.

 I always questioned it, but Annest always claimed she was religious,a true believer, God-fearing, honest and genuine. It is all Total lies.

Do not believe whatever she claims and says. This is her way to get you to trust her and when you seal the trust, she will steal and disappoint you in a grave way.

sfHer extreme narcissists tendencies eventually and  inevitably reveal themselves to those around her and soon she is rejected. So why don’t we learn? And why doesn’t she the Narcissist learn?

The main reason is people who have had the bad experiences with her keep it quiet and allow her to cheat, steal and betray them. I WILL NOT. They leave it to God to punish her and she also looks for something to use against them. I dont have anything to hide.




Here are the findings in brief:

  1. Narcissists are more popular at first sight. As a self-rated narcissist, Annest Namata is initially more liked by others because she pretends to be what she is not. Beware of the trap you are putting yourself in.
  2. Her seemingly self portrayed Leadership/authority, self-admiration/self-absorption, arrogance/superiority and entitlement/exploitativeness are misunderstood and liked initially
  3. Narcissists look, sound better. Annest is initially popular because she uses charming facial expressions, initially a soft speaking tone, tries to wear more fashionable clothes(whether new or second-hand) to attract your attention, has more trendy haircuts/hairdos and may seem funnier for a time. It’s all pretence to entice as her next victim.

Naturally all these effects only hold true in the short-term. Narcissists like Annest Namata are usually soon found out and shunned since few people if any at all will put up with a self-absorbed, self-centred, disgustingly authoritarian, excessively arrogant, exploitative of friends/colleagues and most of all as a relationship partner/boyfriend/fiance /husband.




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