08 Mar

To the outside world it appears that people like Annest Namata love themselves. Yet, at their core they don’t love themselves–in fact herself barely exists, and what part does exist is deemed worthless.

All Annest Namata’s energy is devoted to inflating her ego, like a d8f36c6ed744c589d6968ccdcefcc13apersistent child trying to blow up a balloon with a hole.

Because she needs continuous proof of the significance of her voice and her existence, Narcissists like Annest must find people,
particularly perceived important people, to hear and value them.
If she is not heard, her childhood wounds open, and she quickly begins to melt away like a “Wicked Witch.”  This terrifies her. 
  Annest Namata uses everyone around her to keep herself inflated or feeling important and better than anyone else.

She finds flaws in everyone else apart from herself and criticizes them fiercely to a point of stating that they are sick. A case in point is a friend Annest has claimed is suffering from “AIDS”.. They are very good friends on face value and do many things together but behind her back Annest says these nasty things.

The Spouse/Boyfiend/Fiance like I was to Annest, will receive similar treatment– according to her, people exist to admire her the narcissist and to remain in the background as an adornment. She tried that with me but I was wise enough to see her character traits change. Frequently, spouses are subject to the same barrage of criticism.  This can never be effectively countered, because any assertive defence is a threat to the narcissist’s wounded “self.”

So my assertive defence to put her in her place was a severe threat to Annest Namata’s being despite the obvious fact that I brought her from next to nothing and gave her everything she ever needed in life and loved her genuinely and taught her so much.

Annest Namata the Narcissist Surprisingly she told people that “the lights let her go when she met me, everything changed for the best” but she was cheating on me and stealing from me.

 Not surprisingly,  narcissists cannot hear others: spouse, lover, or friends, and especially not children.  She is more interested in listening only to the extent that it allows her the opportunity to give advice or talk.

 Annest is unaware of her inward deafness–in fact she believes she hears/listens better than anyone else (this belief, of course, is another attempt at self-inflation/high ego).  The second they are snubbed, however, they rage at their “enemy”, the enemy being anyone who challenges them. Anyone who challenges them and tells them the truth is an enemy.

What makes it difficult to work this type of Narcissist like Annest Namata is her self-deception. The processes used to protect herself are ingrained from childhood. As a result, she is absolutely unaware of her constant efforts to maintain a viable “self.” If she is meeting with success however small, she thinks it is extremely big success and she is satisfied with life regardless of whether the people around her that she is exploiting, using and stealing from are happy or not.

Two circumstances take this type of person to a therapist’s office. Sometimes a partner who feels chronically unheard and unseen drags them in. Or, they have met with some failure (often in their career) so that the strategies she previously used to maintain self-esteem, arrogance and exploit people suddenly no longer work or exist. In the latter situation, their depression is profound–like cotton candy, their robust false self dissolves, and one is able to see an accurate picture of their inner sense of worthlessness.

I tried suggesting to Annest Namata that we go to a Therapist with her but she would not acknowledge her problem. She thought she was doing me a favour by doing that. Thus the continuous pathological psychopathic Narcissistic behaviour to-date and the belief that she is better than everyone else and continued exploitation/use of people.

So whoever is dealing with her in whatever capacity beware that your friendship or whatever relationship you may have with her which you THINK is genuine, is doomed for disaster and failure and she will befriend you with the sole intention of using you and stealing from you. She will exploit you for her own gain and it is you who has so much more to lose. Annest Namata loves money more than life. You are just an end to her means.

DO NOT listen to Annest Namata’s religious claims, claims that she is genuine, claims that she is very trustworthy. All those are lies to lure you into loving her and most of all to her trusting her so that she can exploit and leave you destroyed and with nothing.  That is her ultimate aim.

She will do anything to make you believe that you can trust her and to make you believe that she really loves you. The truth is, she just a ruthless Gold Digger out for material things and money.


This is NOT character assassination. This is real life true character revelation.

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