08 Mar
  1. Why do people continue to behave selfishly when it only ruins their relationships with others?

  2. Why do narcissists like Annest Namata devalue others when they are so dependent on them for admiration and material gain?

  3. Why don’t narcissists spot the cycle of early attraction followed by rejection?

download (3) The first two are partly explained by the fact that narcissistic behaviour like Annest Namata’s is, at first, is attractive to other people without being understood. Behaving selfishly seems to bring them a rush of admiration which they get addicted to, while devaluing others when the inevitable rejection comes, covering it up by searching out new people in form of partners and or friends to worship them. This is clearly what Annest Namata does and as I write this Blog, she has searched for new people and she is still searching for new people to worship and praise her for being such a wonderful person.

The reason narcissists like Annest hide this cycle successfully is that friends and partners never hang around long enough to tell her in such a way that they actually believe it and want to do something about it. As a Narcissist, she is constantly changing friends and partners in order to hide the truth about her and her rotten mannerisms and evil character.

1384790060925293 Her insatiable quest for attention, money and material things what is also described as “narcissistic supply”, leads her to seek out a steady source of admiration. Where that is in short supply, the narcissist like Annest prefers to inspire fear or hatred than suffer the nightmare of being ignored. And unable to empathise, she is indifferent to the consequences of hurting people. That is exactly what she did in my case. When I found out what she is, promiscuous cheat, hypocrite, liar, user, etc, she chose to inspire fear and hatred than suffer the nightmare of being ignored and rejected and then started spreading completely wrong rumours about me to anyone she knew in order to make out that I am the bad guy.

What I have always said is that the truth about what she is, what she did and has done to others, will be revealed.

The truth always comes out. You can never hide the truth forever. What goes around comes around.



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