08 Mar

For those who are her friends, work with her and are close to her if at all, you may know that she wants to be famous and would like to be on a Reality TV show like the “The Kardashians” as she clearly indicated to me one time by stating ” I want to be famous like the Kardashians”. She will do anything to try and be famous and this may be as a result of luck of attention in her childhood. She is constantly seeking that attention everywhere she goes and in every situation. This fantasy makes her do anything immoral in order to get fame/attention. This also explains her promiscuity with different men. It probably makes her feel good when she is getting the perceived attention. It is sickening.  I could not be with such a person who is erratic and immorally vile.

images (2)One of the best showcases for narcissists like her at the moment is reality TV. She will first capture your attention and liking with her deluded pretentious self-confidence, flashy, arrogant behaviour. It is all slut behaviour. Then, later, when you see and get to know what she is really like you’ll come to despise her. It makes compelling TV: participants can be built up then knocked down, with plenty of emotional breakdowns along the way to keep us ‘entertained’. Annest is constantly building and destroying bridges.

So the practical upshot of this Blog is: don’t encourage the narcissist Annest Namata by paying her the attention she craves. Not only are you likely to get hurt yourselves when she uses you in anyway possible, but it keeps her stuck in a loop of attraction and rejection. That has always been her life cycle.

Notice she never keeps friends for long and is always moving from one relationship to another. She always causes problems in a relationship and moves to the next one but plays the victim by vandalising the persons name as having mistreated her as she claims when in reality she is the one who has used him.

She constantly causes arguments and fights with her girlfriends as well because she CLAIMS they are jealous of her. What is there to be jealous about her? She is so delusional in the fact that she has just seen things but she thinks she has arrived. She thinks she has got it all- villager. She is just a villager who has been exposed to the modernity of life in the last few years. She didnt know anything when I met her. I taught her so much and now she is bragging. Bragging for what? For being a cheap Slut and thief?

There you are: a perfectly reasoned argument for never ever watching reality TV (as if you needed one!).

“To dream of the person you would like to be, is to waste the person that you are!”(Tim Menchen)

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