NARCISSISM – What You Need To Know:

08 Mar
NARCISSISM – What You Need To Know:

Narcissism is the condition Annest Namata has and I had to go through this to find out that she has Narcissism and therefore has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) but cannot accept it. People who suffer from NPD cannot accept it because they look normal but have all the traits I have outlined and she clearly has all the Traits.

For some survivors, it feels like an emotional holocaust. It felt like an emotional holocaust for me as well. For almost everyone it is misery, a nightmare. Some say it feels like evil and that is why I have referred to her as evil and a devil because what she put me through made me feel and I still think she is a devil. She is unquestionably very evil at heart.

A walk in the Garden of Eden with her in the beginning, turned into a gut-wrenching ride in Hell Park. Someone who claims to have loved me seemed like an angel at the time. In fact my sister at one point referred to her as an angel because she acted so divine. Her actions were too good to believe and I often questioned them as suspect. My instincts were right. So readers listen to your gut instincts.

However, after finding out what she was doing behind my back, she changed and spent most of her time being vicious and evil, often in sneaky ways even during the time we were together, undermining me and my life behind my back. The word “abuse” doesn’t seem enough to express the torture. These are all traits of a Narcissist.

At the start, she is very charming, seducing, angelic but at the same time she is lying, betraying, manipulating character. All because she wants something from you. She carves a swath of misery in her wake. She damages the lives of everyone she encounters. And yet sometimes we(I) think it’s our(my) fault because I tolerated her abuse.

This disorder interferes with the development of healthy relationships with others. This goes to explain why Annest Namata cannot keep friends and jumps from one relationship to the next. She is a hypocrite to tell everyone to trust her because she NEVER keeps her promises. Don’t believe any of her nonsense. She does not have anyone whom she can call a true friend. She at one time claimed I was her best friend and fiance and at the same time she was telling other people that I was her husband and all the while dis-crediting me and vandalising my name to some of her friends. These are some examples of her evil destructive ways.

I do not need a person like that in my life in any way or form.

NOTE: This is Character revelation.

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