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Annest Namata  perpetually lives in a mindset of a young child. The age when a child is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong but very willing to do wrong if she thinks she won’t get caught. Like a child, she feels entitled to whatever she wants. Like a child, she recreates reality to suit her fantasy about herself and the world around her.

get-attachment (2) Like a child, she wants all attention focused on her. But, unlike a child, the narcissist like her is not subject to being molded and shaped by authority figures or reality. The narcissist is determined (read here, conscious choice) to remain a child whereas most children are driven by a desire to grow up. Children are childish and there is no crime in that. I’m not here  to pathologise childhood. I’m highlighting that malignant narcissists like Annest Namata are pathological children.

 The malignant narcissist LIKE HER is a fully fledged predatory animal all about exploiting people

 She stalks her prey decisively. She must do so because her malevolent intent is absolute and would frighten away any source of her supply if the target could easily discern her implacable nature and insatiable lusts and her intent to exploit them. So she transforms herself by acting extra nice, seduces, acts slutty, pretends to be religious. all tricks to get her victim. She is adept at making and wearing masks. She thrives on appearances. She is very short on substance.

People who are easily taken in by surface appearances are Annest Namata’s easy targets and VICTIMS. Thus her great effort to bleach herself orange and wear clothes that are too small for her.

The malignant narcissist LIKE HER is a Chameleon.
This is why so many people have a problem identifying what a narcissist is. To the superficial view, malignant narcissists can appear to widely differ from each other. Annest Namata the narcissist is a sophisticate with worldly tastes many of which she has never tasted before, vast charm and a following of admirers. She delves in this admiration as she tells her friends “many boys/men want me I am beautiful”.

 All malignant narcissists like her are parasitical.
They need people around them from whom they can steal what they need. Their need for people is desperate, yet their desperate need presents a conundrum for them. Their need for people runs counter to their even more desperate need to not appear like they need anything from anyone, especially you! Never forget, they are gods in their own estimation which means that even while they steal, demand or extort what they need from you they will trash you for giving it. The more they need you the more you will be subjected to their loathing.
It is paradoxical unless you understand what the hell is really going on. Which is what I’m describing for you now.
Stay focused on Annest the narcissist as a parasite. Because the malignant narcissist is a complete failure in the moral realm and she has to attach herself to sources of virtue. This is because no lie can exist without the truth.
Evil can’t exist without some appearance of good. How does the narcissist wear an appearance of virtue? Most commonly Annest surrounds herself with those who possess real virtue. The close proximity makes it easy for the malignant narcissist to steal virtue for her own image. Does the narcissist need to feel powerful? She may prop herself up or feed on those who have real power if she is lucky enough to sidle up to them, or she will surround herself with people who are weak so she can feel powerful by controlling them.
Human evil is not of recent an advent. It has been a part of human existence for as long as humans have existed.
She is clearly and undoubtedly human evil.
This is NOT character assassination. This is character revelation.
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