08 Mar

She uses her Caro Light bleached looks and flaunts her body by intentionally wearing men enticing things like low-cut tops and dresses to seduce men who are morally weak, to get their attention and what she wants from them i.e. money and material things. She behaves in a very slutty way talking profanity and contradicts herself as born again and constant claims that she is reading the bible chapter by chapter. So what? She is still evil no matter how many times she reads the bible and pretends to be religious to fool people into trusting her and thinking she is a good person. She wears low-cut blouses to the office, open shoes and skirts with long slits to lure men even if it is a customer.

evilslutA Slit is meant to make a skirt/dress easier to walk in but Annest Namata uses them to lure men by exposing her body as much as she can. She is able to selfishly plan and work towards betraying goals successfully, she is self-centred, evil opportunist, self promoting, thinks she can charm anyone, thinks she is better looking than anyone else (which is not the case), believes she is special, more a follower than a leader, believes that other people are envious of her, loves to win awards by taking other peoples credit, tries and seems to fit in most places and acts the sly part but you can tell where she belongs.

581329_3734849581461_27647946_n - CopyAnnest  Namata wears a Narcissistic mask all the time. She pretends to be what she is not. She will always pretend to be such a nice honest person. Behind all that pretence is an evil Gold Digging remorseless evil Annest Namata. She is very selective with the pictures that she presents to a point that before she takes a company portrait picture she will go to a saloon to have her nails, hair and make-up done. Her aim is to get men’s attention. That’s how promiscuously cheap she is.

This is in order to present the Annest that she wants you the victim to see. In her head it is all about the opportunity to get men’s attention. Her promiscuity and gold digging is more important to her. So this picture of her is selected carefully by her and used to make people believe she is a wonderful, good person. She twists her neck to present a wanna be persona. I know the real person behind this facade.

Often she will make fraudulent claims she has qualifications or experience or more so affiliations or associations which she doesn’t have or is not entitled to. Belief in superiority, inflating her self-esteem to match that of senior or important people with whom she does anything to associate with and insists on being affiliated with the best institutions in Uganda but at the same time criticises the same people as if she is any better than they are. She is just an evil promiscuous Gold Digger

She will do you wrong e.g. sleep around in the relationship, steal from you like she did to me, cheat,evil spread rumours about you, turn your friends against you by the rumours she spreads so that you can rely on her, etc and later write to you and tell you that she asked God to forgive her and he has forgiven her. By doing this, she is turning the tables and making you THINK that you are the one who has done her wrong. She is pure EVIL NOTHING BUT EVIL.


But possibly the most destructive trait she has is pathological envy. This is what leads her immorality and selfish remorselessness.

As a result of her inferiority complex, Annest Namata becomes envious of a Boyfriend/Partner, etc as she was envious of me for earning more than she did and having more than she has and yet I was giving her everything she ever wanted plus she had access to my bank accounts. She is a selfish evil person. She can even be envious of, a colleague or a neighbour, particularly a better educated, more intellectual or more successful one. It’s not jealousy, you can’t be jealous of something you have never had, but envy; often pathological envy.

This clearly identifies her Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Because of this narcissistic personality disorder, she has difficulty recognizing the needs and feelings of others, and is dismissive, contemptuous and impatient when others share or discuss their concerns or problems. She is also oblivious to the hurtfulness of her behaviour or remarks and actions.

She shows an emotional coldness and a total lack of reciprocal interest, exhibits envy (especially when others are accorded recognition), has a disgusting arrogant, disdainful and patronizing attitude, and is quick to blame and criticise others when her needs and expectations are not met her way.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Character Revelation.216x108px-Tell-a-Friend-new

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