08 Mar

Are you a survivour of Annest Namata’s Narcissistic condition, immoral behaviour and treatment? Did it happen to you?    In other words, did she pretend to love you, pretend to respect you, pretend to be closest to you, pretend to be loyal to you and all the while she was exploiting you, talking nasty things about you, belittling you behind your back and at the same time having affairs with others?

It happened to me. She is now vandalising my late mothers image, yet she never met her and does not know anything about her. But again that shows her total immorality and total lack of remorse. Why would anyone attack and or vandalise someone who has passed away especially when she doesn’t know anything. But I will not allow her to get to me regardless what she thinks.

Her arrogance and immorality cannot be of any help regardless of what she thinks. She has told many people, nothing can ever happen to her because she is a Munyakore and because of who she works for is high-profile which makes her high-profile. What would possess her to say that to anyone. Why say it? She has gone to a point of saying it to many Policemen even after committing traffic offences. What she does not realise is that  No one in this world is above-board and or untouchable and neither is anyone above the law.

I know she has used, cheated and stolen from many others. In whatever capacity of friendship, work related and or business related she may be to you, in the long ran she will betray you and will steal from you and then try to shift the blame. She has done time and time again and she will do it again.

Looks are VERY deceiving. Never judge a book by the cover. Annest is very deceptive.

Learn the truth of the character-disordered Annest, and those who share her similar personalities or traits, how they suck. She can suck you dry. Know that you are not alone or crazy and know that you are the victim and not the one who has done wrong as this Annest will make out and tell people that I treated her badly, made her suffer, made her a slave as she did in my case. Annest will make you think there is something wrong with you and will make you think and believe that you are the one doing wrong when she is the one doing you wrong.

When I met her and we started the relationship, she told me the same about her ex-Boyfriend i.e. how her ex-boyfriend mistreated and used her. She also went to the extent of claiming everybody she has had a relationship with has mistreated her. She claims she was very good in all the relationships. She claims she has never done anyone wrong. This is all LIES. Annest will tell you these lies in order to get you to love her and trust her so that she can set out on getting material things and money from you. She targets her victims and charms and until she gets their trust. She is an evil opportunist.

She is the cause of destroying of all the relationships and the eventual breakdowns in all the relationships she has been in with men and friendships with women too. Of course this is not confined to men only. She constantly causes arguments and fights among her so-called friends, neighbours, colleagues by spreading false rumours about them, vandalising their images, etc all the while acting as the innocent party.

The people who know her well, will tell you something totally different from what she will pretend to be and will tell you what her character traits are. She has a very nasty evil selfish character.

My advice to you the reader(s) if you know her and or deal with her is; Take back your life and your identity plus your possession. Do not do anything with her and do not trust her with anything. It does not matter what kind of relationship you have with her, whether it is personal and or supposedly professional, she will do the same to you eventually and that is exploit you and put your health in danger.

Know you are not alone in these singular experiences. And you are not alone in seeking answers to your questions/queries… There are many genuine people out there and Annest Namata is not among those regardless of how you feel about her and what you would like to do with her.

You can choose to believe what I am writing about or choose to get conned by her and people like her. It is entirely your choice. I lived it, she pretended to be “saved” or “Born Again” and I am here to tell you she is a con, promiscuous and a thief because she stole from me.

And know most of all information/knowledge is power. Get to know and learn everything you can. You can be discerning for that is the art of healing.

If you are a survivor of her Narcissistic Disorder treatment of which I know a number of people are, please contribute a commentary below or email me in private if you do not want to go public.

This Blog is a service to Annest. If she is in her right mind, It will help her reconcile with people she has deliberately made her enemies of which there are very many and seek help for her condition. She has made them her enemies by stealing from them, cheating them, cheating on them and using them. She then shifts the blame to them. I am an example of that. This is if she can acknowledge her condition.

“Narcissism” is considered a form of psychopathy. She looks normal on the outside but that is NOT what she is on the inside. That is what makes it difficult to deal with her. She has an evil character capable of doing anything to anyone for her love of money and material things. So beware you have been warned about her. It does not matter who you are, she will eventually exploit you regardless of what she has promised and what she claims she is.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Character Revelation and the reality of the truth.

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