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07 Mar

Moment of truth Distance never separates any genuine relationship and time never builds any distance or barrier. If the person is honest from the start, feelings are true from the heart, and they are honest and genuine, Friends will always be friends and Partners will always be partners. The special relationship will always be there through thick and thin.

 This is a Blog about my experience living and having/sharing a four and a half years personal relationship with a delusional demented person with EXTREMELY selfish egotistical arrogant evil traits, a Gold Digger with her continued haughty disgusting arrogance.

  • Have you ever lived with a Promiscuous manipulating Thief?
  • Have you ever known and had a relationship with a Promiscuous Gold Digger?
  • How would you deal with a materialistic promiscuous User/schemer?
  • Do you know what Narcissistic Gold diggers do?

What the truth will do It is 2012 13:27 hours and this is my first of many Blog Posts to be published.

I eventually had to write a Blog because of the disgusting vile arrogance of the subject of this Blog after she cheated on me with several men and stole from me and my late mothers estate. She is very delusional and exploits people in all walks of life under the curtain disguise of being religious(“Saved”, “Born Again”), honest, genuine in love and friendship. She is not any of these as she claims. She is just a Promiscuous Thief. Her name is Annest Namata.AN

I spent many months trying to make Annest Namata realise that civility is the best option. All she was doing is vandalising my name and image and worst of all disrespecting my late mothers image. She was talking evil about me and my late mother. That is unforgiveable. She was basically defaming me by telling all sorts of lies about me and my late mother. I tried talking to her to use her common sense IF she has any and to stop making up lies about me and my late mother. She continued with her stupid excessive arrogance. I have therefore decided to write this Blog to expose the real truth and nothing but the truth about her. The truth always comes out.The truth

This is a true narration and true reflection of what Annest Namata is and what she does and what she has done and continues to do.

It is a simple blog focused on the subject matter;  Annest Namata and her selfish, arrogant evil promiscuous antics and her Narcissistic gold digging virtues.

After our separation after I found out she was sleeping around, she vandalised my name, told all sorts of lies about me and made many claims to her friends, colleagues and even to people who didn’t know us with the sole aim of destroying me and justifying her immoral cheating on me. Despite me stopping her and telling her to be civil, telling her to stop making up lies and accusations she continued being arrogant. No one disrespects someones mother especially after your mother has passed away. But Annest Namata did that and is not apologetic about it. So I decided to write the real truth as it is, nothing BUT the truth.


Stop living in denial and take Note. This is the reality of what she is and I stand by everything I am publishing in this Blog. I live to tell the tale of what she did and does.

 Proverbs 24:1 “Don’t be envious of evil people, and don’t try to make friends with them”.

“Narcissistic” Annest Namata and Relationships:-

 Narcissism is a disorder or mental illness that causes a lot of pain for those who love her and are in a relationship of any kind with her. It is the narcissists (Annest’s) refusal to accept responsibility for her behaviour and actions that causes so much pain for others. It is her projecting her own repressed feelings of self-loathing onto others and lashing out at others as a sort of  discarding of those pent-up emotions that erodes the self-worth of her victims but little do the victims know that she has no self-respect.

She constructs a delusional sophisticated fantasy world to protect her from the real world and its consequences. Her narcissistic reality is fabricated on illusions and anyone who threatens this illusion may fall prey to her narcissistic rage the dumping of those repressed toxic emotions without empathy.

Trying to draw out or confront Annest Namata about her behaviour and disgusting immoral antics is normally a futile effort. She projects back onto the person doing the confronting, finding fault with them, blaming the person for her behaviour. Once again this is her way of protecting herself and her falsely constructed illusion of who she believes herself to be. She has disgusting delusions of grandeur.nothingbutthetruth

Narcissists like her are generally very shallow people whose source of self-worth and self-esteem is often derived from their behaviour towards those around them. I can guarantee you she is very shallow as can be seen in the way she acts like she is the best thing that happened to the world.

Do not judge me but judge if you will. The subject of my blog, Annest Namata came to my world and sought to exploit my generocity, good honest genuine nature and love thinking that she is very clever and the most beautiful in the world because she has done those conniving Narcissistic acts and behaviours to other people and got away with it. For those who know me, I have very strong binding principles and those principles stand the test of time. It is what it is. If I am honest with you, you ought to be honest with me.

  • Narcissistic gold digging Annest may appear to have emotions, feelings, empathy; she will cry, laugh, feel your pain, etc, but none of this is real.  She doesn’t feel it.  It’s not linked to anything internal.  She can cry at a funeral, but on the inside she is wondering why it doesn’t hurt as much as she thinks it should.
  • She is extremely vain.
  • She may pretend to be outgoing, with a “larger than life” personality. She is sometimes great fun in social situations, which makes her popular to those who know only her outer pretentious shell. Inside her shell, she is totally different, demonic and evil.
  • Hurting a narcissist like Annest does not cause her to feel sadness. You can only make a narcissist like her feel rage.

Annest Namata values any kind relationship only if she believes it makes her look and feel superior and if she can exploit /steals from you by getting money and material things. She will buy her time whilst winning your trust and eventually execute what she wants to do i.e. she will con you and steal from you. So she will initially act innocent, trustworthy, honest and genuine. She is NOT any of these at all.

Have you been involved with someone who has a narcissistic personality and a Gold Digger like Annest? How did you get out?

Annest Namata cannot and will not meet your needs for reciprocal love and friendship. All she is after is gold digging you all the while sleeping around whilst making you think your are the only man and eventually stealing from you.

 In this Blog, I will expose who Annest Namata really is and what she is about and capable of doing. She will not continue exploiting or using people and think she can get away with it. She will not use people, abuse people, exploit them and boast and lie how she is honest, genuine, God-fearing, religious, hard-working, a genius ( as she says “Me I know business”, “I know everything”, “I am genuine”), etc while she is using people to get to where she has got to today and what she has. Plus I will not allow her to exploit and use people and act a victim by making up stories and telling lies (by claiming she was used) and false rumours about her victims whom she exploits in the guise of love which is what she is good at doing. She is an evil selfish user. I am a victim of her exploitive selfish ignorant ways and Narcissistic sadistic behaviours. If after this you choose to allow her  to exploit and use you, that is your choice and prerogative.

Message to Annest Namata and the readers; “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:12].”

Annest feigns deep friendships with people in order to get a job promotion, job favour, get materialistic things, get money, etc. On the other hand she can lose interest in a friend and or relative who suddenly has life problems and seems to need sympathy. For her it is about using people for whatever she wants to get out of them. She courts people for what they are, what they have and what she can get from them. There is nothing honest and genuine about Annest Namata at all. That’s why people call her fake.

Annest who falsifies her background, falsifies her upbringing, falsifies her age, falsifies where she came from and falsifies where she grew up, is a person who cannot and should not be trusted at all in any faculty of life. She vandalizes the images of others. Which is often done very slyly, so as to sneak bad ideas about other Cheatedpeople into your head so that she can be the main centre of attention and also to make you think she is the best at everything and makes you believe she is a well-intentioned honest person. She has done this to many colleagues in her work place as well as her private life.

She even does this at work with her employers by vandalising their image behind their backs, her colleagues and or any other setting i.e. friends, neighbours, etc. She is not honest and she is not genuine. So beware those who employ her, work with her, her so called friends and if you are in any kind of partnership/relationship with her. In our relationship, she pretended for 4.5 years. It cannot be any different in any situation for her to pretend and exploit any situation after she has manipulated you into believing in her and trusting her. She will do anything to make you believe she is trustworthy and worthy of your trust. Annest is very conniving and manipulative.

The most important thing for her should be to remember and to never forget where she came from. She forgets where she came from and how she has got what she has today. Do not believe her lies of working hard on her own for what she has got. She has NOT worked hard for what she has got to-date. Annest Namata has consistently exploited people and mainly me to get what she has to-date. SHE IS WHAT SHE IS TODAY BECAUSE OF ME and WHAT I DID FOR HER AND TAUGHT HER. She is so ungrateful for what anyone does for her. She will never appreciate anything you do for her.

At either pole,she is alone with little real closeness to others. This goes to explain why she does not have anyone she is close to. Her Pastor even told me he has never seen her with anyone close as a friend and yet he has seen all the other women in his Church who have close friendships. Well the reason is she is very deceitful and promiscuous but passes herself off as being religious.

Relationships and family members suffer the most because it is the gradual change in Annest’s personality that masks the underlying problems. It goes to show because she has expressed to many people that she hates her siblings. She has expressed to me as well how she hates her parents because they are poor. That’s disgusting of her to say the least. She equates everything to money. That’s how corrupt and evil her mind is.

At first, a narcissistic spouse, family member, co-worker or friend as Annest is, appears conceited but later on, the inferiority complex that causes her to lash out far exceeds simple arrogance.

Inferiority complex is a psychological disorder in which the affected individual like Annest Namata experiences an exaggerated feeling of self-importance. She feels superior to other people and displays a general disregard for the thoughts of others. Individuals with a superiority complex often exhibit a sense of grandiosity.  She typically maintains a feeling that she is better or more important than other people, and often fails to take the opinions or desires of others seriously. This disorder may also be referred to anarcissism or megalomania.

Well, Annest seems to think that she can sign into a relationship, use you sign out, come back in, use you and sign out, have several other deceitful affairs while in the relationship, come back to you, whilst showing off and lying to her friends and colleagues as to how rich she is, boasting how she knows how to do business and boasting how every man wants her because she very beautiful. There are countless much more beautiful women than Annest will ever be. But she thinks and says she is the most beautiful in the world. That’s her delusional thinking.

This world was not made for Narcissistic, psychotic evil pathological liars, hypocrites and cheats like Annest Namata. To the reader of my Blog; “You shall know the truth about Annest Namata and the truth shall set you free in a very positive way.”

 This Blog is meant to inform, educate, make aware and inform every reader and those around her deemed to be friends, colleagues, boyfriends, supposed “business partners” etc to realise what Annest Namata really is. I had a relationship with her, lived with her and did many things with her. So I know her well and no one can tell me anything new about her. I now know what Narcissistic Gold Diggers are because I lived with one. She is a promiscuous gold digger.

The primary meaning and intention of this blog’s title is a clear plain succinct statement of the truth, nothing but the truth and reality about all Narcissists with specific reference to Annest Namata and a true statement of what she is and what she has done to me and others. Annest sucks life out of her victims, aims to destroy their livelihoods and destroys their inner being for her own selfish ends. She is an evil Gold Digger pretending to be religious.

Knowing this, I cannot let her continue doing it to any other innocent people. So in this respect, I am taking it upon myself to expose her because I know her in and out. Exposure of her character and disgusting manners and ill-treatment of others is the best way forward because she doesn’t know civility and honesty. She has no morals and doesn’t respect anyone because she thinks she is so great because she sleeps around for material things.

Annest is VERY fraudulent, Arrogant, Vain, extremely Self-centred/Selfish, Treacherous, Spurious, very Deceitful, an evil double dealer, “Two-Faced”, Manipulative and a Duplicitous Evil Vile character.

An overview of her malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder which causes her inflated ego, worthless arrogance, ignorance is the focus of this blog. There are plenty of annoying and petty people out there. That isn’t what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about people like her who have embraced evil that stalks its own kind as prey. This Blog is predominantly about her and what she took me through and what she has done and continues to do. She disguises herself as normal and a wonderful religious God-fearing person when in public view. It is behind closed doors when she has managed to get your trust like she did to me that the savage selfish vile evil fangs come out.

The motto of this Blog is: She will be exposed for the world to know who and what she is about and what she is capable of doing. You will also know and learn what Narcissism is and the character traits of a Gold Digger and thief – Annest Namata. She has hurt and exploited enough people. I am not the only victim.

Deceptive deceitful Annest Namata

 Annest Namata is busy flirting the socks off of “boys” as she refers to them and men around kampala as if our years together didn’t even exist! She will reap what she is sowing.

To her they didn’t! Annest Namata has a “Counterfeit remorseless deceitful evil heart”!

Owing to her defamatory statements against me and my late mother, I will now publish everything about her evil deceitful life that she has been hiding from people. I will not allow her to exploit and use other people. Those who choose her for her promiscuous thieving life, good luck to them.

Her Arrogance diminishes wisdom. For little does she know that Humility is strength.

Life really is simple, despite our beliefs to the contrary. People like Annest consistently make it complicated and painful by delaying, detouring or completely derailing our Souls’ journeys to their desired destinations. Why? Her delusional ego and disgusting arrogance has made her forget about where and how she started and very short-sighted, the same combination that transforms gullible people into suicide bombers. Sorry about the imagery/comparison, but it’s true and fact.

 Annest is an ego-driven evil Soul who has lost contact with the God presence within and the reality. I cannot give her the satisfaction to rule my life but myself and God.

 The most valuable people are not defined by wealth, beauty, age, ethnicity or nationality. The most valuable people are defined by their character, morals and self-respect. Annest does not have either of them and never will.

If people throw stones at you, pick them up and build something. Stones were thrown at me, I picked them up and I am building much bigger better things and meeting much better successful people in the world. Annest will never compare to any of them. She is simply a village thieving promiscuous hypocrite with no sense of gratitude/appreciation for anyone who helps her. She is a promiscuous Gold Digger.

Thank you for subscribing to my Blog which is a prelude to my life with Annest Namata the Narcissistic Gold Digger who is out to exploit innocent genuine people in the world for the sake of her selfish goal – Greed.

I created and I am writing this Blog with the sole aim of exposing Annest Namata for what she is and to help those who are dealing with her and Narcissistic people like her, to expose her vanity, her arrogance, her evil mannerisms, her cheating, mistrust, insecurity, her betrayal or other problems in their relationships with her and people like her in whatever capacity. She pretends to be what she is not until she exploits you and until the truth comes out. She is a promiscuous Gold Digger.

Only a few remember what life was before, and who was always there even in the most painful difficult situations. Annest chooses to forget because she has morals and values.





NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is Real Life True Character Revelation. All will be revealed in this blog.

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NBTHIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it appear on this site, please e-mail the blog publisher and the said image. I stand by everything that has been published in this Blog.

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4 responses to “REAL Life PUBLICjournal – WORDSre-purposed

  1. Solomon Musoke

    February 11, 2015 at 20:33

    How can any man invest time and money in this woman.Time is very previous. She’s very jumpy always looking for men to have affairs with.

    • Pat

      January 8, 2016 at 16:43

      How so true but she’s a very conniving deceitful gold digger

  2. patblogg

    December 9, 2012 at 01:02

    Nyakyobe, she is a Gold Digger and very promiscuously loose and cheap and she will always be. There is nothing genuine about her.

  3. nyakyobe

    June 20, 2012 at 08:31

    Sad!!!!!! Why don’t pple like Annest just be themselves than fake what u are,given her humble background u’d think she’d be down to earth.One thing for sure is u can take some1 from the ghetto/village but u can NEVER get that ghetto ism from them.Now she’s gonna go back to zero unless of course she steals from her employees but trust such pple always end up on the streets where good pple like you picked them from.


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