07 Mar

This disorder very much shows what Annest does on an everyday basis. She lives a counterfeit life of pretence and deceit.Here are some more signs of the Narsicissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) to look out for when dealing/associating with Annest Namata the Narcissist.Annest Namata the thief

  • Jealousy and possessiveness but she claims others are jealous of her and possessive.
  • Excessive need to feel special, adored, loved, appreciated, or admired
  • Rage attacks when you do not sufficiently meet her needs i.e. when you challenge her thinking, character/behaviour
  • Controlling behaviours (trying to control how you spend your time, what decisions you make, what you do, trying to control how you spend your money as she tried to control how much of my own money I spent, What I did with my investments, properties, business, etc)
  • Inflated self-esteem, or grandiosity (bragging, “fishing” for compliments) due to her low self-esteem and inferiority complex
  • Continuous never-ending Dramatic, insecure behaviours on an every day basis but complaining and blaming others for causing the drama.
  • Expecting you to take responsibility for making her feel better about herself
  • Blaming you for her dramatic irrational behaviours or feelings (i.e. she does something, gets a problem and says “YOU made me do this,” or “YOU made me feel this way.”) This point clearly applies to Annest. She cannot take responsibility for her behaviour and justifies her angry outbursts
  • She has an attitude that demonstrates “the world revolves around me” and “you need to cater to my ideas, opinions, thoughts, and feelings.”
  • She has a total unwillingness to reflect on her own behaviours
  • Interpersonal exploitative nature – She taking advantage of others to achieve her own ends in everything she does but will initially cover it up
  • She is envious of others – along with the belief that others are envious of her
  • She has a grandiose sense of ultra self-importance which makes her very selfish
  • An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
  • She has great problems in sustaining satisfying relationships with both men and women
  • Problems distinguishing herself from others
  • Haughty body language
  • She constantly flatters with men who give her attention of any kind
  • Detests those who do not admire her. (She detests me now because I don’t admire her any more because I know what she is). Not that I give a damn at all.
  • Uses other people without considering the cost of that for them
  • Pretends to be more important than she is (delusions of grandeur)
  • Brags and exaggerates her achievements
  • Claims to be an ‘expert’ about most things (Miss “I Know everything” – NOT as I call her)
  • Cannot view the world from the perspective of another person
  • Denies remorse and gratitude
The above narcissistic behaviors are created to display a false image to the world, but these are just the symptoms. She fears being caught out and recognized for what she really is.

The greatest point here is that she so full of herself, exhaustively and disgustingly arrogant, vile and yet she is not even worth it at all.

Her pre-occupation with herself and requiring constant attention and admiration from others disturbs her interpersonal relationships especially with her lack of empathy. This all explains why she is now choosing to go out with any man who pays her attention as opposed to a committed relationship.

So my advice is if you are wise, keep your distance from her. You will be a much better person and much more successful in whatever you are doing. I did just that on realising what she is as opposed to what she was pretending to be for four years. Remember she is very malignantly good at pretending to be what she is not.

She goes to a great extent to pretend to be religious. I am here to tell you, there is nothing religious about her. She is NOT someone you can trust with anything at all. Her Pastor will tell you she is because he gains from her in  terms of money. She used to lend him and his Church my money without informing me and without my consent. So the Pastor will stick up for her and say good words for her when nothing is true about her being a good person. I know Annest and I knew her Pastor long before she knew him.

Her pre-disposed maquillage aided bleached body and her flaunting of her body to entice you her next victims to get material things and money from you should not be a prelude to you not using your common sense and ending up falling victim to her transgressions, ill-mannered virtues and immorality. It is your choice.

NOTE: This is a true Revelation of her putrid ill-mannered antics

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