07 Mar

          There is absolutely No need for revenge – I will just SIT AND WATCH.

When someone you lovedand trusted so much, who was supposedly your best friend and your Fiancee, cheats on you for many years, hurts and betrays you the way Annest did, steals from you and your mothers estate and thinks and says that she is so great, beautiful, God’s gift to the world, untouchable, apparently wise, rich and clever (Miss “I know everything”), just sit and watch, she will eventually screw up all by themselves and if you are lucky God will let you watch.

Annest Namata, vowed and promised me by saying “I can never ever do anything bad to you”; “I can never ever let you down”; “I can never ever cheat on you”; “I will love you for ever”; “You came into my life and changed my life and that’s why I can never hurt you or do anything to you”.

After me catching her cheating on me, she said “I have changed, I am not sleeping with any man but I am now different, I have changed. There are many things I want to do but you are in the way” and told her friends and colleagues “I am beautiful, every boy and man wants me”.

Well Annest Namata, keep on sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. I don’t need a prostitute in my life.

The ghetto worthless arrogance, cheap slutty antics will not get her any where regardless of what she thinks. It’s a matter of time before she realises how cheap and foolish she has been. But anyway, it is not surprising, because she has always been cheap as a matter of choice. I believed she had changed from her past when she told me and claimed she was “Born again”, “God Fearing” when we met as she had lied to my greatest late Auntie. But I guess I was wrong and so was everybody else to believe any of her nonsensical promiscuous deceitful lies.

I thank you Annest for proving everybody who was advising me right as to your immoral putrid serial cheating behaviours and cheap ways. I have now been able to prove her sleeping around how promiscuous/Slutty she is.

To Annest Namata : What does being “Born Again” mean to you? What does God-fearing mean? What does having a special relationship with God mean? You use it as a curtain to blind peoples eyes into trusting and loving you and when you get their trust and love sealed, you betray, steal from them and go on to the next victim(s).

So for those reading this Blog, beware. There is a Narcissistic predator on the prowl called Annest Namata ready to use you, have an affair with you and exploit you whilst stealing from you. You will think she loves you, start trusting her while she is busy stealing from you. All the while, she will be evasive act honest, genuine. You have all her character traits in this Blog.

NOTE: This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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