07 Mar

Annest Namata claims that I gave her everything in order for to be my slave.

What is the true definition of a slave?

Any one with common sense can give a simple description and definition of a slave. It does not need a genius to give a true and simple definition of a slave. Annest chooses to give her own version of slavery.

The modern face of slavery includes forced labour, sexual slavery, child labour, bonded labour, forced marriage and descent-based slavery. I didnt do any of these. I gave Annest Namataa better life than she had ever had in her life.

In this regard, I ought to address the utter stupid nonsensical claims and baseless accusations that Annest Namata made about me supposedly making her a slave.

I want her to produce evidence that I made her a slave by giving her everything and making her what she is today in life if she is not a CON. She is simply a Gold Digger.

I am sure she said the same of her previous boyfriend who paid her University tuition fees BUT to-date she tells people she suffered, worked hard and paid her Tuition fees. What a grotesque pathological liar she is. Due to her selfishness and her immoral behaviours, she cannot appreciate what anyone does for her. One would think she would appreciate someone paying her University Tuition fees at least which unfortunately her parents could not pay. But instead, she lies and tells people she paid her tuition fees herself by working hard. To make matters, she has the guts to say she hates her parents because they are poor. Their monetary value in life is not their choice. The fact that Annest hates her parents because they are poor, proves she loves money more than anything else.

How can you make someone a slave by giving her everything she never thought she would have in life? How can you give someone everything they need that they cannot afford but make them a slave? I gave her anything she ever asked for. Plus give gave her the freedom to do what she wants, all she needed to do was go and work. She was never worried whether they paid her a salary or not BUT she could even use money on my account to lend it to the company she works for and claim its her money BUT she says I made her a slave.

Annest Namata is a disgrace to human beings. She is a sorry excuse of a human being. So evil.

In her own words she said to me several times, “I didn’t think I would be able to own a car fully paid until maybe in 15 years time”. I bought her a car within a few months of meeting her in order to fulfil her dreams. She also said to me “I did not think I would meet someone like you who loves me the way you do”. This was all nothing. I  was doing it all genuinely out of sheer love and concern for her.

Now she is being a hypocrite and telling people that I mistreated her. HOW? Elaborate please? Everybody could see how comfortable she was. She is an Ungrateful evil soul.

It goes to show what kind of person she is that can look for an excuse in order to justify her serial cheap cheating promiscuous slutty ways and for her moving on to her next “victim”, stealing money from me and giving it to the men she ran to thinking she will become rich. Apparently the “boys” as she calls them promised her that they were building factories.

She denies this fact that she is very promiscuous. But one of my questions to her is when we were together why was she receiving calls at 6 a.m. from men that she could not explain? If I was to receive calls from women at 6 a.m., what would she think and how would she feel and react? She doesnt care  because being a slut while calling herself corporate is all she can be without a care in the world.

If she was cheating on me and having affairs left right and centre as she was doing, she should have said so and it would have been understood. At the end of the day, everybody knows what she does and what she is. But she can continue to lie to herself and think people are so stupid as to believe the lies she tells them.

Her recent statement was “You gave me everything I needed and all the money so that I can be your slave”.

I have witnesses who knew her before I knew her who can testify to her having a wonderful life when I came into her life BUT she took advantage of my genuine love.

I think that statement tells anyone what kind of ungrateful evil person she is. She is simply a cheap Gold Digger and will do this to anyone else. That is all she does and has done to many other men.

I don’t have to argue with her, because I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Besides that I don’t have time for that and I am at a different level to her. So I won’t lower my level to her level any more.

I have got bigger and better things to do in life unlike her. All she does is talk about is men, sex and money. I tried hard to change that and to make her constructive. So to the reader of this blog, please conclude what you want to conclude. I rest my case.


I will however put out the truth to be heard in different ways and her cheap ghetto hypocrisy will be portrayed and exposed for all to see and know.

She cannot continue exploiting and using people and expect everybody to keep quiet.

She claims everyone she has had a relationship with has used her, treated her badly YET she exploits and steals from them and breaks up with them. Why would everybody treat her badly? Why her? She says she is very beautiful. Wow. I’ve seen and met much more beautiful people in and out with good hearts but they don’t flaunt their beauty and dont have her worthless arrogance. Nothing justifies her arrogance and thieving ways.

I have a Business service partner who has made it clear to me that he doesn’t want to do anything with her because of her cheating, very arrogant and thieving ways.

Her mannerisms and complete lack of morals make her immoral, remorseless and she uses people and exploits them all for her love of money and material things.

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