07 Mar

BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN I realised today that I had to have a relationship with the evil Annest Namata for four and a half years in order to realise and accept that there are people out there who seem and look normal, will promise the world, act like angels, pretend and claim to be God-fearing but they are the opposite and live a double two-faced life. That’s exactly what Annest Namata does and is. I got warnings about her selfish evil being, her evil behaviour, her evil mind but kept forgiving her for the genuine love and care I had for her until the final straw when I found out what she really was. The truth always comes out no matter how much you try to hide it.

My late mother and her late best friend who were like sisters who introduced me to Annest have been watching from heaven and I am sure were warning me as well. For the sake of my undying love for her, I kept forgiving the devil of a woman called Annest.

 But I guess I had to live with the devil (evil witch) for a while to know and realise that Annest was a devil, to realise plus understand that she is a devil with an evil mind. Sometimes, you’ve got to live with the enemy close to know them better. And I think I did just that.

So despite her claiming she is religious aka Born Again, she always talked about death with regards to me and still does to this day. So what kind of religious Born Again person is this?

She thinks because she is seeking and getting attention by flaunting herself  and sleeping around as a kampala slut, therefore she is very important today. So where is the rebound relationship she had when she was kicked out of my house. Where is the “Boy” she was having an affair with and stole money from me because he lied to her that he is building a factory? Her arrogance is disgusting to say the least. May be she is great in her small foolish backward delusional world.

In my world, she was important at some point and I trusted and loved her 100%. All because she lied to me that she is different. But now that I know the truth, she is not important at all and never will be. The fact is never for what she did and is still doing even as you read this Blog. How can you cheat on someone who is 100% loyal to you? How can you steal from someone who is doing everything possible to give you a comfortable life and changing your life? Annest Namata is evil. But Karma will deal with her.

But the day of reckoning is coming and she will go to hell. You cannot pretend to be loving, genuine, honest, religious, pretend to have a special relationship with God thus regard yourself as Born Again, telling others who are not born again or are catholics that they will go to hell whilst she is living a devilish life of lies, deceit, cheating, stealing, promiscuity and think she will go to Heaven. You can’t lead someone who loves you on for four and a half years while your aim is to use and steal from hem. That is an act that is not forgiveable at all. Come to realise that the same kind of things she has been doing to many other people.

All those lies for years, e.g. ” I am going to the Entebbe hill every Friday night for Friday night prayer”. Annest is nothing but dirty scum. She was spending the nights with different men. She is disgusting to say the least.

I now know where your Friday night vigils were and where YOUR hill on Entebbe road you were going to pray was. Cheap Cheap Vile Scum. All she does is use religion as a cover for her deceit and promiscuity.

Thank you Annest for your dishonesty and evil scum. “What goes around come around”. 

I put her first before everyone else and all she could do is abuse my loyalty, trust and true love and betray me by cheating on me with several men at the same time despite being engaged to be married and then stole from me. What is “saved” about her then? Absolutely nothing. Some men are old enough to be her father but all she is after is money. So how rich is she now?

You need to walk a fine line. Talk the talk and walk the walk. From day one of our first time meeting, Annest claimed she was “saved”, “born again”, I did not believe it and disliked it. She claimed she was different. Yes she is different, “Born Again” and promiscuous and a thief.

You have got to give respect to get respect. Respect is earned.

This is NOT Character assassination. This is real life Character Revelation.

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