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She claims that she was buying the cars she drove cash since I met her. She is a pathological ungrateful GOLD How manyDIGGER and a deceitful Liar.   HOW MANY CARS HAS SHE BOUGHT SINCE WE SEPARATED? HOW MANY??

DON’T brag about yourself. Let others praise you. – Proverbs 27:2

Annest Namata THINKS she is the best thing God created. She claims she is born again but doesn’t know the Bible and interprets it to suit herself. Why would one brag about buying cars cash when I was buying her the cars. She NEVER contributed a coin to those cars. She is the most ungrateful pathetic evil person anyone can ever come across. I feel extremely sorry for the man she is conning now and making believe that she is an honest woman. The cars she is bragging about are not even worth boasting about. So why brag?bragging

What would Annest Namata do if she owned a brand new car genuinely without stealing money or sleeping around? She ought to learn how to appreciate what is done for her by genuine honest people. But then again she is a glorified promiscuous Gold Digger who sleeps around, steals and boasts about her loot. Then she thanks God for not being caught.

Truth Contrary to all you her narcissistic followers who have believed her lies and pretentious claims, you WILL now know the real truth NOTHING but the Truth.

 Annest Namata started driving a Toyota Premio in October 2010 I bought her and she lied to all her friends and colleagues that she bought all the cars she drove cash. This is NOT true and is very far from the truth. People need to know the truth and the truth will be revealed on this Blog. All she was doing is bragging and flashing the car keys so that she can be noticed, being arrogant by the way she looked at people, the way she walked, boasting – all worthless arrogant acts.

She also lied about buying the other cars cash that she had previously when she did not actually spend a penny. They were bought for her by me the author of the Blog. It is amazing how someone like her cannot appreciate what I was doing for her out of love but she chooses to be a low life slut and thief. I guess that is what she only knows. Appreciation is a very small token. So as has been ascertained that she was using me (Gold Digging) and bitching and vandalising my name at the same time instead of appreciating, I will deal with her bitching appropriately by exposing the whole truth about what she has all along been lying to everybody about. I was doing all the right things in the relationship while she was doing me wrong with her promiscuity sleeping around. I chose to love her while she was being slutty and using me behind my back.

This Blog is a true testament of what she really is. I was in a relationship with her for four years plus and all she did is abuse my ultimate trust. She betrayed me, slept around behind my back and stole a lot from me and worst of all she stole from my late mother’s estate. Worse still, all the while, she was referring to my late mother as “the dead old woman” and putting down her pictures face down in the house.

Real truth

 The pictures below show the cars I bought her that she claimed she bought cash. This car below was bought for her use for my company business and other errands I was trying to do with her as family or so I thought. I didn’t know I was in love with someone who is as good as a prostitute. I unfortunately gave her a position of responsibility in the company despite her not contributing anything because at the time she was my best friend, family and my Fiancee. However, she chose to exploit my good naturedness and honest love. Today, she claims she started the company, she claims she contributed half towards the company but she can’t provide the proof and claims she bought this car. This will be explored later by exposing her theft in court. So she can lie to whoever she wants but the truth will now be revealed and she will be embarrassed. She has no shame in her cheap promiscuous game.

To elaborate her Narcissistic Gold Digging selfishness, I asked her to send me pictures of the car I had paid so much money for and she gave all sorts of excuses and sent me only these two pictures after three months and yet I had even given a new digital camera and memory card. For her lack appreciation, she will reap what she has sown. I have never met a non-appreciative, arrogant for nothing, selfish bigot like her. She went to the extent of giving the cars to “boys” as she referred to them that she was having affairs with to drive the cars I was buying for her.  In her absence, she would leave the cars with these boys/men, leave these same boys/men responsible for my business, stealing my money with them. What a cheap ungrateful idiot she is. She can now go on prostituting herself.

Toyota Harrier 13.9M Prior to me deciding to buy her the car above, she was pestering me to buy her this Toyota Harrier on the left and trying her best to justify why she needed it. However, she was not ashamed to say that she wanted her co-workers to see her in a different class and the neighbours to talk about her having money. Obviously she wanted to boast that she had bought it cash. Even 4 months after buying her the other car, she was not ashamed to say she wanted to change to this Toyota Harrier. She is a certified Gold Digger. She wants and expects the man to buy her a car every six months yet she is an ungrateful thief.

It should be noted that she has told many other lies too. The claims she made that she bought the Toyota Corolla (the first car she ever owned) and Honda CRV that she drove, were all utter lies.
SF1 How could she have afforded to buy her first car when she did not have a job, was not earning any money, could not even afford to pay rent or anything else for a small leaking “Boys quarter” room she was living in? It is amazing how she could do all these things behind my back instead of appreciating how far I brought her and what I did for her. I helped her and made her what she is today but this is the thank you she gives me. It portrays her total lack of morals. She is totally Morally Corrupt, evil and promiscuous.


The main reason why I am writing this Blog is because of Annest Namata’s lies, complete lack of appreciation, her lack of morals, her lack of remorse and her total lack of acknowledgement and her evil vile character. She never appreciates anything anyone does for her. Instead she attributes everything to herself. She is so Evil and selfish – #SLUTTYGOLDDIGGER.

 She claims she deposited 10million shillings of her own money on this Honda CRV, the second car she drove. The truth is she NEVER. She paid 10million shillings from the part rental income of my property and paid it to the car seller after seeking my permission from me. She pestered me for so long claiming she was suffering boarding Taxis and Bodas Bodas in kampala. All she was doing in her office is showing off how she claimed she had ordered a car from Japan.

 I will state the facts as they are and expose Annest Namata’s worthless lies and sheer arrogance. All her friends and colleagues that she has been bragging on can now know that she boasts and shows off for nothing. She steals and uses people for all and everything that she has. So there is no need to show off or be arrogant about her lack of morals and deceit.

Toyota 100 When I met Annest, this is the car a Toyota Corolla 100 which was her dream car. She could not see herself/imagine being able to buy it. In fact she told me her projection was to be able to buy it in 15 years time.

 I bought her better cars thinking I was doing it for someone genuine that I loved so much who would appreciate. Little did I realise/know that I was in love with a promiscuous Gold Digger. She was not satisfied or grateful at all. All she could do behind my back was lie that she was buying the cars cash and go out to look for men to get more money and material things from, steal money from my business and give boys as she calls them with the belief that they were very rich. How cheap of her. So where are the boys now?



 She is very very promiscuously cheap and a vile Gold Digger.

 I sent her money and she bought a Motor Bike(Boda Boda) because she claimed she wanted to make money from a Boda Boda Business. She never ever thanked me for it at all but attributed it to herself. She could not afford anything and was not being paid a salary at the time despite working and she is now being arrogant. For what? GOLD DIGGER. She is never grateful and anyone else would be very stupid to trust her or do anything for and with her.



Nissan Mistral-2#

 The moment I said I was going to buy her the first car, she got in contact with her so called friend and tried so hard to convince and beg me to buy her this car (Nissan Mistral) as the first car.

 This was all despite her not knowing how to drive. At the time I didn’t realise all she wanted to do was pose around kampala and in Itojo village about the car she owned. Every time I bought her a car, she would drive to the village to be seen by the neighbours. As she told me, “I want the neighbours to see what car I have”. How petty and ghetto can one be?

 While in kampala she was busy showing off to anyone she could about buying a new car cash. She went further to boast online to people she doesnt know how she buys her cars cash and how many she has had so far.

Why can’t she appreciate? Why does she choose to be a promiscuous Gold Digger? All she does is want, want, want, material things and money. She gets to a point where she starts demanding for material things and money like she is entitled to them.

I guess it is in her DNA to sleep around. That’s why she constantly flaunts and exposes herself everywhere she goes.

I should never have trusted Annest because all she did was expose her worthless ignorant arrogance to my tenants with her egotistical claims that she knows business, how she wants them out, etc and she ultimately stole my money. She also disrespected them irrevocably. They told me how she would go there with her men and pose to show them that she owns land and houses so that they can believe she is rich as she led them to believe. Cheap village promiscuity.


Showing off in Itojo So she should stop fooling and lying to any of you her so-called friends and colleagues. Strange enough some still believe her trash lies and claims that she is honest and genuine.

 All she does when she gets a car, she rushes to her village ITOJO to pose on the neighbours and her family as to how she has bought a new car YET she has not paid a penny for it. Further to that, she will not mention who has bought or paid for it. She goes to the extent of hiring a car to the expense of someone else to lie to her family and friends that she has bought a new car – Real Characteristics of a Gold Digger.

 I bought all the three cars for her and the greatest mistake I ever made was registering them in Annest Namata’s names because this made her delusional and she did not appreciate a thing. I did it because I thought I loved the right person BUT she is a completely wrong vile person with evil traits and a Gold Digger. I totally misjudged her character and yet i am a good judge of character. She is just a promiscuous slut.

However, she will pay back the money I paid for the last car she stole and sold but claimed that the car had a faulty engine. If it did, how come the current buyer is driving it and says there is nothing wrong with it? She will also pay back the money she stole. She is a thief.

My message to Annest is I do not need the car back as you now claim the engine Knocked. Little do you realise that you started inventing (lying) the story that the engine had knocked when you were driving it a year ago but would park very far and hide it when meeting me. She is a serial cheat and serial Liar in all aspects of her life.

Question for Annest: How many cars have you bought cash ever since we separated? Why were you still driving my car that I paid for with my own money but claiming the engine knocked until a few months ago until you sold it? She lied that it had a mechanical problem.

I have seen the car being driven by someone in town. She sold the car I paid for without my consent. She will pay back the money spent. She thinks she is untouchable. Maybe in her delusional mind.

How I wish I never bought her any car and she continued using Taxis and Motorbike taxis(Boda Bodas). I have all the messages she was sending me begging me to buy her a car because “Taxis are killing me” as she said. All I was doing is showing her real love and caring for her but I was showing the wrong evil character true love. Annest doesn’t know what true love is and means and will never experience true love again. Your Slutty ways do not allow you to know what true love is. All you know is using people. You are being used now and will live to regret your choices whatever you do. Whatever she has is temporary and it will be proved. She ran away to a man to have a rebound relationship. He fooled her that he was building a factory and she stupidly believed it. Now what happened? How many factories has she built with him? She is a thief hiding behind religion. She thinks everybody wakes up one day and builds a factory. Lol!

Take NoteThe laws of the Universe dictates that if you obtain things unlawfully the wrong way, you may have them and own them for a while BUT you will never hold onto them.

 Annest Namata chooses to live a deceitful, corrupt, selfish promiscuous life. She continues to burn bridges. 

 Annest, has done so many people wrong to but many have kept quiet so that God can deal with her as they have told me but I will expose her greed and her Gold Digging promiscuity  while God also deals with her. Ultimately, God will deal with her much better. It is only a matter of time. You reap what you sow.

She is now looking for another man “next victim” whom she can reap off and who can buy her a car and pay her rent, give her money and material things so that her arrogant and ignorant deceit can be carried on.  Good Luck to that man/men who will be so foolish enough to fall for her lies and deceit and waste their precious time on her. That man/men will be very miserable. She is the most vile arrogant, ungrateful, deceitful and promiscuous person you can ever come across. She is a promiscuous Gold Digger and always will be.

BIMBO OCT 1 2012 She is now boasting around town with this car and lying to those who don’t know car prices in Uganda that she bought it at 27.5 Million shillings. Who wouldn’t know that it’s worth around 15.5 Million shillings. She stole my car and sold it plus stole money from my account, stole money over the years from my late mothersVW Golf 1998 Model account, stole money from someone else by exaggerating prices of items and bought this car. So why is she boasting. She used to boast to
everyone that her car has a reverse camera. So does this Golf have a reverse camera?  She is pompous for nothing. I wonder which man she conned, lied to that she is honest and genuine and how many men is she is Gold Digging and sleeping around with??? I feel sorry for those men she is gold digging. They think they know her and believe she is genuine. They will be in for a very rude awakening. She is very deceptive and superficial. There are far much better respectful beautiful women out there with manners and etiquette.

15.5-1 If this car costs 15 Million shillings in the Bond and it is newer than what she is driving in terms of years and registration time. Why would her car cost 27.5 million? This car is in a better condition than her car. So she can fool herself and those who are foolish enough to believe her nonsensical cheap talk and lies.

 But so what? These are not cars you boast about but to Annest Namata, she thinks she is seen it all by boasting about driving this old car. Why boast? Is it worth boasting about? Absolutely Not. Anyway, she never thought she would ever drive. So it is a big deal to her. So she will do anything to keep that facade. She can go on posing on those people who don’t know her background and what a promiscuous thieving Gold Digger and poser she is.

19.8-319.8-1 This VW costs only 19.8 Million shillings. I know her defence would be that her car registration is more recent. Registration is nothing but a car reference number. The fact of the matter is that this car here is a much more recent model than what Annest Namata has. It is the next model to the current latest model. So Annest stop your village lies that your car costs 27.5 million shillings when it is an old car and has high mileage.

GOLF So if Annest had a VW like this at what level would her arrogance be? How would she be showing off/bragging? I wonder what price she would CLAIM she bought it at. She has no financial morals either at all. All this shows her upbringing and what her upbringing lacks.

Golf GTI

Golf Interior

 If Annest Namata had bought a Golf like the one in this picture below may be there would be reason to show off or boast about it. But all in all, there is no need to show off. So Annest should stop her cheap village mannerisms but then again you can’t change her village mannerisms. She tries hard to buy class. Class cannot be bought.


media (1) What would Annest Namata say or how would she react if she owned a car like this? How arrogant would she be? I hate to think how arrogant and obnoxious she would be. She would probably announce it to the world.

 Be yourself and have some self-respect. Material things are nothing even if you have just seen or acquired them like she has just seen them. If you have the material things, let them speak for themselves instead of blowing your trumpet. She does not even get them by working genuinely for them but she is quick to blow her trumpet. Anyway, her working hard means being promiscuous. 

 The truth always comes out, she lied to some people that she is donating the VW Golf to her Pastor which I know is NOT true at all. She has told some one that she is selling it for 13 million shillings. If she claims she bought it 27 million six months ago, how can she sell it for 13 Million. Of course as I stated earlier it is NOT worth 27 Million. Liar Liar! Amazingly, the real truth is that the Golf was NOT hers – #TrashyGold Digger.




 How arrogant would she be if she owned a car like this outright? I hate to think how she would show off exposing her cheap villager mannerisms. She is just a promiscuous thieving gold digger posing around with things she has not worked for.

Her thefts and immoral ways will eventually catch up with her.


This is the reconditioned car she is bragging around town with telling everybody who has time to listen to her retarded bragging that she has bought a new car. You ought to know that all the cars I bought her, she claimed that she bought them cash YET she did not contribute a single coin to buying them. 

 So is that the Audi make of car as she was bragging she is going to buy? She is just an ungrateful Gold Digger.

quick facts

 I bought her, her first car when she didn’t know how to drive, her second car and third car in the four years we were together. I also gave her money to buy a Boda Boda Motorcycle for a reliable income stream. I did many other things that involved sending her money for her parents, etcWho does that for an ungrateful promiscuous imbecile in 4 years? All the while she was stealing money from me and building a house in her Itojo village but she thought I was not aware.# Thievingslut

 She was sleeping around behind my back and giving the cars I bought to men she was sleeping around with. Whatever car she may drive, I don’t have to even compare or comment. I’ve driven and owned all the modern ones. So her backward villageness and arrogance can go on for those who do not know her and her background or history. How can I be there for her, love her genuinely, give her everything but the ungrateful Slut still slept around behind my back and then steal from me? Cheap Slut.

Nothing surprises me. Her cheap villager immoral vile gold digging ways are not difficult to spot because she is always flaunting herself at any man who pays her attention.

This is NOT Character Assassination. This is real life Character Revelation

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  1. Esther Nakato

    September 20, 2014 at 19:57

    She wanted me to supply some things. She came boasting how she has money. When I got the things ready she was rude yet she didn’t have the money.
    Where did you pick this villager from? How did she hoodwink you. I have heard she is a smooth operator. She makes men think she is genuine and then cheats on them with other men. You could not have managed her. Mbu she is saved. Hahaha!

  2. Jacinta Namatovu

    July 30, 2013 at 07:12

    Gwe muleke. Tanaba. Namata thinks she has a big God who allows her to use people. She tells people “My God is big” , “Nothing can happen to me”, “that man is wasting his time, Ajakuswala”, etc. She thinks God rewards her for being a thief and using people as she sleeps around.

    • Pat

      August 31, 2013 at 02:20

      Thank you all for your comments and support. I really appreciate. More facts to be revealed about the devil Annest Namata.

  3. Ignatius Kitaka

    July 29, 2013 at 06:52

    Don’t waste your time on this troubled Namata woman. She is just a secret mistress/side dish of men around Kampala. So she is looking for a man to marry her but continue with her mistress affairs for money. Owonye. Everything happens for a reason. God was watching you and protected you from that cheap lumpen Namata.

  4. James Oku.

    July 29, 2013 at 06:49

    Hohohohoho! So you were the one buying the cars. kati let us see her boasting. Indeed how many cars has she bought cash.

  5. Agnes Twine

    July 29, 2013 at 06:47

    What did you not do for this woman. You met her with no job, living in a muzigo, she could not afford the muzigo rent, with no money, you sent her money for her parents, saved the parents house and now after stealing from you and destroying your business she is boasting. Muleke gwe. Muleke. Her fall will be very hard.


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